How to fix the 2006 error in Darktide?

There is no point of doubt that the Warhammer 40k Darktide is not one of the top FPA games. The game was launched in September 2022 and it was appreciated by players. The game is currently available only on the window. Soon it will be available on the Xbox console. But, many users are facing many bugs and errors in the game.

While logging on to the game and playing the game too. No matter how great a game is but when users face errors while in the game. It’s annoying and frustrating. The error is new, the developer of the game, the FatShark team, is also working on solving the error and bugs faced by users. For now, users have to solve the darktide error 2006 from their side.

Here we listed some of the tips which can help you.

What is darktide error 2006?

The darktide error 2006 is faced during the whole selection particularly when you enter in-game. The error occurs when you select them and select a mission.

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The error will pop on your screen and you won’t be able to login into the game. If you manage to get into the game, due to an error you will be kicked out of the match. The game. It’s better to complete the other mission than trying to log in again and again.

If you try to login into the Warhammer 40k darktide without solving the issue, you may face error again.

Follow these tips to successfully login into the game.

How to solve darktide error 2006?

The tips are the troubleshooting method. They are tried and tested but do not work for all users. But If you face occasional errors then try the troubleshooting methods.

First whenever you face issues don’t try multiple logins.

Restart your internet connection

Many errors are because there is not enough speed to launch the game. So it took more time than usual. You can do is log out, restart the game, and refresh the device. Try to login into the game again.

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Reboot the device

The game is currently available on windows. Windows users face many errors because many of the devices are multipurpose PCs and laptops. To start the game, reboot the device and login in again.

Uninstall and reinstall the game

If the above method won’t work then uninstall the game and re-install the game. There is another thing you can do is delete the game data and download it again.

To delete the app data, find the darktide folder list on your device. And delete all the data from there. When you login in again, you have to re-download the game data.

The last thing you will do is register your complaint at the help centre.

Final words

To solve the darktide error 2006 you can try the troubleshooting methods. Which will give you better results than any other processes. To get better results, try the mentioned steps in order.

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