How To Complete Acton’s Nightmare in Path of Exile?

The Acton Nightmare is the special Overgrown Shrine Map in the Path of Exile with lots of valuable items, bonus rewards, a boss called Thorn and Rose necromancers and more. Here we featured a short guide that shows how you can complete the Acton Nightmare map in the Path of Exile without having much hassle. So without any further ado get check the guide.

Acton’s Nightmare Overgrown Shrine Map in POE

There are more than 100+ maps available in Path of Exile for players to explore. The Acton Nightmare is one of the amazing maps available in the Path of Exile. This map has an area that 20 patches of Burning Ground along with being inhabited by Skeletons, Restless Dead, a Massive Maze with Chests and more.

There is also boos fight on the map you need to defeat the two necromancers called Thorn and Rose these necromancers to bring back any monster to life. You can easily defeat them by following the attack and dodge fighting style.

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After defeating the bosses you get The Craving of level 1 reward. However, Acton’s Nightmare can be dropped anywhere on the map and the following are the items (Monochrome: Drop Level 80, The Wilted Rose: Drop Level 72, The Wretched: Drop Level 68) you can get while exploring this map.

How To Complete Acton Nightmare Map in POE?

To complete the Acton Nigtmare for Atlas you need to defeat both the bosses Thorn and Rose necromancers. Similar to other games to move to the next level or map, we recommend you to don’t allow either of the bosses to revive before leaving the map or it will don’t marked as complete in Path of Exile.

In last we can suggest you to defeat both bosses, open the chest, spend some time to loot value items, but don’t leave map until both bosses are dead. In order to get the bonus for completing the map.

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This is sum for this guide for more similar content such as how to get Alluring Vaal Side Area or Hunters Exalted Ord or more do check our Path of Exile guide section.