How to Get and Use the Power Sword in Darktide?

Warhammer40K: Darktide since its release in 2022 this game has gathered lots of gamers’ attention and becoming popular day by day similar to other games there are lots of in-game machines or items in the game that are hard to understand for most of the players.

Such as a Power Sword in the Warhammer 40K: Darktide. Here we covered all the information that helps you to know how you can obtain and use the Power Sword in Darktide without having much hassle along with other useful information that might come in handy for you.

What is Power Sword in Darktide?

In Darktide you have the default sword with the dagger that comes in handy to deliver melee attacks to the opponents. There are also some other powerful weapons that you can equip such as chain swords or power sword.

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power sword darktide
Munitorum MK III Power Sword

The Munitorum MK III Power Sword when you activate this sword can be wrapped in a murky energy field, which allowed the sword to cut through both armour and flesh.

The main specification of a power sword is cleaving strike, cleave damage, cleave targets, vanguard, and relentless. In terms of blessings, it has Brutal Momentum, Rampage, Sunder, Power Cycler, Slaughterer and Slaughterer.

So, how you can get this amazing weapon in Warhammer 40K: Darktide?

How To Obtain Power Sword in Darktide?

The Power Sword is only obtainable for the Veteran class in Darktide. More importantly for this, you need to reach level 18 as a Veteran it’s more like other weapons that you obtain while levelling up in darktide.

The amazing thing is you can also obtain the Power Sword just after getting 2 Lasguns. You can use the Power Sword with other weapons in darktide to deliver high damage to the target.

How To Use Power Sword in Darktide?

Once you obtained the Power Sword as a Veteran class you can use it but there are some odds such as you should have Standard Light along with heavy attacks with every melee weapon available in the Darktide. More importantly to deal a high amount of damage you can charge up this weapon for short time and easily imbue it with more damage.

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When you encounter specials or elites you can charge it up and easily swing 4 light attacks to deliver a good amount of damage to the targets. If you are dealing with elites, you can charge it and deliver a good amount of damage to the target using the attack and dodge fighting tactics.

This is the end of how to get and use Power Sword in darktide for more similar content such as what is coherency or how to defeat the Deamhost do check our Warhammer 40K: Darktide guide panel.