How To Get a Vehicle Warehouse in GTA 5

GTA 5 Online is one of the popular Rockstar game series with a new story mode, heists missions and more. There are lots of things players can do in GTA 5 to make some money such as investing in the stock market, completing heists mission and purchasing buildings such as vehicle warehouses to collect cars.

One of the best ways to make a good amount of money in GTA 5 Online is by purchasing businesses and buildings. The Vehicle Warehouse is one of the businesses in a game that can make you money in a short time period. If you getting confused about how you can get the Vehicle Warehouse in GTA 5 Online then don’t here we cover the guide on it.

How To Buy Vehicle Warehouse in GTA 5 Online

The first step to buying the Vehicle Warehouse in GTA 5 Online is you need to register as the CEO and get an office. Here is our guide on how to register as CEO and purchasing a CEO office you can go through the guide to know how you can register yourself as CEO in GTA 5 Online. .

buy vehicle warehouse in gta 5 online
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Once you get to the CEO’s office you can purchase the Vehicle Warehouse. For that head to the computer located in the office and visit the Vehicle Cargo section. The map will pop up on your screen that shows different locations of the Vehicle Warehouses for a certain amount that you need to pay to purchase the warehouse.

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Simply, pick the warehouse that you prefer to buy from the map and click on the “Buy Vehicle Warehouse” option to complete the purchasing process. We suggest you get the cheap warehouse because after that you can upgrade it by adding cosmetics.

How To Make Money With Vehicle Warehouse

To make money with the Vehicle Warehouse in GTA 5 Online you need to steal costly vehicles and modified them in your warehouse and then sell them for a good amount.

steal vehicle in gta 5 online
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To steal the vehicles you need to head over to the CEO’s office computer and select your vehicle warehouse and then choose the “Source Vehicle” option. After you will see the mission on your screen in which you need to visit a certain location on the map and steal the vehicle and bring it back to your warehouse.

After completing the process of stealing and selling the vehicle which mostly takes around 25 minutes you can make around 80K to 150K dollars without having much hassle.

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To get the Vehicle Warehouse in GTA 5 you need to get the CEO Office and after that, you can purchase the vehicle warehouse using the computer located in your office.

This is the end of how to get a vehicle warehouse in the GTA 5 guide for more related content check our GTA 5 Online guides section.