Elden Ring: How To Get To Forbidden Lands

Forbidden Lands is at the end of your Elden Ring journey. To reach the Mountaintops of the Giants and Concreated Snowfield, you can get there via Forbidden Lands in Elden Ring. Forbidden Lands is a region in Elden RIng that leads to the Mountaintops of the Giants through the Altus Plateau.

From Leyndell, Royal Capital you have to follow the Forbidden Lands to get to the final part of the journey Mountaintops of Giants.

Where is the Forbidden Lands Elden Ring?

The Elden RIng has a location called Forbidden Lands which connects the Mountaintops of Giants. You can reach Forbidden lands in Elden Ring by defeating the Morgott Omen King. From that, you have to head to the east to the Royal Capital of Leyndell. While on this path you will cross the Divine Tower of East Plateau,

Follow this guide to reach the Forbidden Lands in Elden Ring

As we mentioned there is no other way to reach the Mountaintops of the Giants without crossing the Forbidden Lands. Forbidden Lands is the link to reach the Grand Lift Rold. From Grand Lift Rold you can move to Mountaintops. You can start your journey from the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace in Leyndell.

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From the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace, follow east from the Castle’s open gate. You have to continue in the east till you reach the open space with a tracking hill road. You have to head on that and face some demi-humans on your way and need to get in a room with a working lift.

Pull the lift’s liver and it will take you to a long winding bridge from where you will end up at the Capital Outskirts. Don’t think like it’s a walk in the park, there will be some guards which are protecting the bridge and Knight Witches that are at the end of the bridge. Just wuss them and cross the bridge.

After that, you just have to take an elevator again and after that, there will be another long bridge that can lead you to the tower. You can also activate the Great Rune of Morgott from the Mysterious Divine Towers of East Altus.

Now you have to take another elevator down and you can reach the location Grace Location. Take the passage and exit from there.

You can not head further from that location after a walk you have to defeat the boss the Night’s Cavalry. The boss patrols the way to forbidden lands and prevents outsiders to enter the grand Lift Rold. after defeating the Night’s Cavalry you are one step closer to the end of Elden Ring Journey. You will face some fog on your way.

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Now you are wondering how to get through the Forbidden Lands and reach the Mountaintops of the Giants. Don’t worry we are covering all up for you in this guide.

Follow the mentioned step to get through the Forbidden Lands in Elden Ring

After defeating the Night’s Cavalry you have to head east into the Mist. clearing all your way thoroughly to the Forbidden Lands you have to face some bosses here and then jump to Grand Lift Rold. In the forbidden lands, it’s all kind of foggy atmosphere and you have to face the two optional bosses here.

In there due to fog, you won’t be able to know the location you are heading to, you may just get lost in there for a while and couldn’t find a way out. The road will take you to either the southeast or to northeast. We have to follow the northeast direction, so you just need to follow the northeast from the map direction.

On your way, there is militia waiting for you in Ambush When on a path you smell the fresh blood, and you are trapped in the militia attack. You just need to be aware they are not gonna kill you but you will some portion of your health.

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After that, you have to head east till you see a shattered section of the arch. And on the northern point, there is Golden Rune.

Further continuing your journey in the northeast, you face a tree which blocking your way. There will be some butterflies attacking you. Just cross the tree and you will face the Night Cavalry

Now you will face the illusory tree. You can place the golden seed here. Head to the west from there you will face the Nascent Butterflies. Continue your journey in the northeast again climb the slope and might encounter the militiaman too.

From that, the way will head north and you will encounter the Statues on the side of the stairs. Follow the steps down and the Black Blade Kindred will show up and guide you away.

What You Can Find in the Forbidden Lands in Elden Ring?

From Forbidden Lands, you can gather and farm different materials, ashes, and keys, and also upgrade materials.

Gather and farm items from Forbidden Lands:

  1. Drawstring Fire Greasex2
  2. Dragonwond Greasex1
  3. Freeing Greasex1
  4. Golden Runex1 (7)
  5. Trina’s Lilyx2
  6. Nascent Butterflyx3

You can these materials:

  1. Somber Smithing Stone
  2. Golden Seed

Unique Ashes and Keys:

  1. Ashes of war dropped by Phantom Slash.

This is all for finding forbidden lands in Elden Ring guide for more related content do check our Elden Ring guides.