How To Fix Timed Out Joining Session GTA 5

We are already waiting for the announcement of GTA VI and here is a new timed-out joining session error that makes us wait to join a multiplayer match. We should immediately fix that but how, follow this guide to know timed-out joining session GTA 5 error fixes.

GTA 5 is an online MMO game there are slight chances that due to server errors, the community might face the error. There can be errors from your side as well from the Rockstar side.

But to play the game and complete the mission we should fix that immediately. Here we have listed some of the tips that may help you to resolve the timed out-joining session GTA 5 error.

How To Fix Timed Out Joining Session GTA 5?

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It may occur due to heavy traffic on the server in your region. Another reason is that it may be a bug you caught up but there are no specific reasons for the error. It may occur from your side due to slow internet or response of your device either its pc or consoles. 

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Here let us discuss how to fix that:

Internet issues

The first, check your internet connection, you can try the speed test to check if it’s wireless, or in pc it’s directly connected please reinsert to make sure there are no issues with the internet. 

Visit the Rockstar website and check if there are any servers down. In that case, you need to wait for a while until things get normal. 

In server issues, you can always try the VPN to connect with other servers and join multiplayer. 

If the servers are not down then try the story mode before heading to multiplayer online mode, if it works on story mode then due to high traffic on the server you are facing GTA 5 timed session error.


Check if any updates are pending, whether it’s game update or device update. It may make the game slow to respond. You may face the timed out joining session GTA 5 error. 

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Restart the device

If you have a pc then make sure no background apps or software are running, it may divert the internet speed and lead to error. 

In multiplayer mode you can join with your friend or vice versa if their games are working fine.

If you have a firewall or any other antivirus protection, just turn them off for a bit and check if the anti-virus is not blocking the game. 

At last, you should try to uninstall and reinstall if there are any corrupt files in your data if not able to solve the timed-out joining session GTA 5 error and also the DNS. If all those things don’t work then just file a complaint at the help centre. 


If you ever face issues first recheck our internet connection and login in-game. After that, you should attempt all those troubleshooting methods to save your time. You can also find online if the servers are working or not. First reboot the broadband, reboot device, update if required and then try the VPN. 

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This is all for how to fix Timed out Joining in GTA 5 for more similar guides do check our GTA 5 guides section.