How to get Alluring Vaal Side Area in POE?

The Path of Exile has lots of valuable items that you can collect while exploring the game. One such item is the Alluring Vaal Side Area. Here we cover all information that comes in handy for you to know how you can get Vaal Side Area in POE without getting much hassle.

What is Alluring Vaal Side Area in Path of Exile?

Alluring Vaal Side Area drop the Mortal Fragments once you place it on the map device in Path of Exile. More importantly, the Alluring Vaal Side Area will give access to the Alluring Abyss where you need to defeat Atziri, Queen of the Vaal.

The Vaal Side Area is one of the important skills For Love of the Queen. The Vaal Side Area will have more than 20 percent probability to be an Alluring Vaal Side Area and Vaal Side Areas also has a 4 percent chance to be Vaal Side Area.

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Following are the Mortal Fragments that you can get from the Alluring Vaal Side Area.

  • Mortal Grief (at Vaal Side Area Level 72)
  • Mortal Hope (at Vaal Side Area Level 75)
  • Mortal Ignorance (at Vaal Side Area Level 74)
  • Mortal Rage (at Vaal Side Area Level 73)

The best place to farm it is liner map and quick because the spawn rate of Vaal Side Area there is around 1 to 10. So once you gather lots of Mortal Fragments you can start farming them. When used through the map device, they are very nearly self-sustaining because you are more likely to receive another piece than a valuable gem.

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