Path of Exile: How to Reset Skill Tree?

Path of Exile has a massive skill tree that allows players to learn a lot of great passive abilities. Some players still want to reset it from time to time. As there are more than 1000 skills, you might want to reset some skills after some time. 

Resetting your skill isn’t quite as simple as you think in Path of Exile. In this guide, I have covered the best way to turn back the clock on some character-building decisions.

how to reset skill tree poe
Image via Grinding Gear Games

Resetting Skill Tree in PoE

There is no way to reset your skill tree points, but you can reset your individual skills. You will have to use Refund point. These points can be used to deselect skills you have already unlocked in the skill tree and free up room for new abilities you want to learn instead.  

Refund points are limited in the game, and these are unlocked by progressing through the main story. Each of the first 10 Acts contains a specific quest that will give you a refund point upon completion. 

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Players can also use consumable resources, Orb of Regret, to earn more refund points. It is a painful way to reset your skill tree that can be used as an alternative. 

How does skill tree work in Path of Exile?

Your character is rewarded when you level up or complete specific campaign quests. You will be rewarded with Passive Skill Points (PSP). Points are allocated to a Passive Skill Tree, which unlocks passive bonuses that enhance your character. 

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