What is Rending in Darktide? Explained

What is Darktide Rendiing? Similar to the other FatShark games such as Vermintide 2 and more Warhammer 40K: Darktide also becomes one of the popular action multiple games that have lots of stat and attributes for certain weapons and remembering all of them is kind of a difficult task. One of the stat in Darktide is Rending if you also looking for information related to rending stat in Darktide. Well, then you’re search ends here.

What is Rending Stat in Warhammer 40K: Darktide?

Most of the time you see the Rending stat on several weapons’ actions. The Rending stat that players need to add to their weapons helps to penetrate the armour of enemies. In simple words, the Redning stat stand for armour penetration that has its value on the weapon the easily you can take your enemy armour in Darktide.

Most of the players claim when you add up a certain level of rending into your weapons you can easily take down the Crusher in a few attacks.

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This can be helpful to take down Flak Armor, or the Carapace enemies in Darktide whose armour as full of plates and hard to penetrate.

In summary, the rending stat on certain weapons such as power sword or indignatus mk ice crusher can deal more damage than usual this can be very useful for you when you fighting with the enemies like dregs and scabs.

If you’re wondering why this stat does not called Armor Penetration instead of Rending. Well, there is no official explanation about this from FatShark. However the rending is sound better than armor penetration.

This is end of this short guide for more similar content such as all darktide weapon symbols or all Ogryn weapons and more do check our Darktide guides.