How To Get Beeswax in Minecraft?

Beeswax, commonly known as honeycombs in Minecraft, is an essential crafting item. It can be used to make wax copper blocks and stairs, candles, and a variety of decorative items. A honeycomb closer to a player’s home will be hugely beneficial. In the article, we will learn about some easy ways to farm an abundance of material.

Minecraft prides itself on incorporating real-life techniques, aspects, and methods. Beeswax in Minecraft can be obtained from bee hives or bee nests but extracting it is tricky. There are three ways in which the bees can turn ‘aggro’ on the player unless the game is on Peaceful difficulty.

  • Destroying the beehive or nest will result in a shift in the attitude of the bees
  • Attacking a bee belonging to the hive will anger the whole swarm
  • Collecting a honeycomb or honey bottle from a nest or hive

A red-eyed bee could poison the player with its stinger before dying. To avoid such mishaps, follow some simple steps and extract the beeswax in Minecraft.

Finding a Beehive or Bee nest in Minecraft

Beeswax Minecraft Guide
Image via Gameinstants

Natural Oak and Birch trees shelter a bee hive or nest in Minecraft. Saplings of such trees also hold beeswax as long as there are flowers nearby. A guaranteed honeycomb find is in Meadows which encompasses oak or birch trees. Other particular biomes and the spawn rates for combs include:-

  • Plains and Sunflower Plains – 5%
  • Cherry Groves – 5%
  • Mangrove Swamps – 4-5% respectively, depending on Bedrock or Java Edition
  • Flower Forests – 2%
  • Forests, Birch Forests, Old-growth Birch Forests – 0.2%
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After successfully locating a honeycomb, wait two minutes for the bees to produce honey. Players can speed up the process by bringing more flowers near the hive. A filled-up bee hive or nest will be dripping honey from the bottom.

How to get beeswax in Minecraft?

There are two ways to get beeswax in Minecraft without getting attacked by a dozen stingers. The first method requires a pair of shears and a campfire. These two items can be crafted from the following objects:-

  • 3 Sticks + Coal/Charcoal + 3 Log/Stem/Wood/Hyphae = Campfire
  • 2 Iron Ingots or 2 Iron Shears = Shears

Place the Campfire directly below the beehive or nest to pacify the occupants. Make sure nothing blocks the two. Then, right-click with the shears on the bee nest. Upon shearing, players get three beeswax items in Minecraft.

The second method requires a tool enchantment called ‘Silk Touch.’ Any item, preferably an axe, which has the silk touch enchantment can break the beehive without damaging it or disturbing the bees. Move the hive to your base and wait for the comb to reach level five before shearing it.

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Technically, Silk Touch is a preferred tool for players who want to harvest beeswax in Minecraft. It can be obtained by either Trading with librarian villagers or rolling the dice on the Enchantment Table.

How to make a Beehive out of beeswax in Minecraft?

Ambitious players wanting to make their own apiary in Minecraft can take their first step by using a number of Planks and beeswax. Six planks and three honeycombs are required to craft a Beehive. Planks can be found in strongholds, shipwrecks, ruins, mansions, and other constructs, and can be collected by hand or axe.