How To Get Manderville Harp Bow in FFXIV

In Final Fantasy XIV the Manderville weapon is one of the most powerful weapons that you can obtain however getting them in FFXIV is not easy. The Maderville weapons are kind of special weapons with dark colors and white accents and each weapon has its own special abilities.

The Manderville Harp Bow is one of the Maderville weapons used by the Bard a job that you can introduce in Discipline of War Archer in FFXIV. You need to start as the Archer and upgrade its class and at level 30 you unlock the Bard job.

Once you unlocked the Bard job in FFXIV all you need to know is how you can obtain the Manderville Harp Bow. Here we cover all information that helps you to know how to get this Manderville Bow without having much hassle.

What is Manderville Harp Bow and How To Get it?

manderville harp bow
manderville harp bow

To get the Manderville Harp Bow first of all you need to obtain the materials required to craft the bow. You need to get Manderville fragments and Allagan tomestones that you can collect from completing the quest titled “Make it a Manderville” and “Make Another Manderville”. More importantly, make sure before taking these quests you must be at level 90 or higher.

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Once you have all the required items for crafting the Manderville harp bow you need to visit one of these three NPC characters (Ul’dah, Gridania, or Limsa Lominsa). We recommend you to look for the Gridania that you can found in on the Aldenard continent.

After finding the NPC character all you need to do is purchase the Manderville Harp Bow from the vendor in exchange for a few Gils. Although you can also purchase other Manderville weapons such as (torquetum, rod, spear, or others) from the same vendor if you prefer.

The Manderville Harp Bow has Critical Hit +275, Dexterity +321, Vitality +342 and Direct Hit Rate +275. However, make you can only use this bow in FFXIV if you have a Bard job as Archer and you must be at level 90 or higher.

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