Elden Ring: Should I Join Volcano Manor or Not?

This is the ultimate guide based on Should You Join Volcano Manor or not in Elden Ring and what are the benefits and disadvantages of joining Volcano Manor with complete information.

It can be challenging to decide whether the legacy dungeon will be worth it even though Elden Ring’s Volcano Manor is home to many horrifying mysteries. When presented with an option in that Manor, it might be challenging to determine whether something is worthwhile.

The decision of whether or not to join Volcano Manor in Elden Ring has been difficult for many gamers. There were repercussions for disobeying the rules because there were advantages to joining a Covenant.

You might be considering how this decision will impact your ending. We’ll help you understand whether you ought to enroll in Volcano Manor in this article.

join volcano manor
join volcano manor

Should You Join Volcano Manor or Not?

As you advance in the Lakes of Liurnia questline in Elden Ring, Tarnish will present an option to join Volcano Manor, and that is the invite they must accept. The NPC Lady Tanith will present such an option to players, asking that they should join Volcano Manor.

You should definitely sign up for Volcano Manor. It provides you access to one of the Shardbearer boss battles in addition to letting you conquer a number of random NPCs.

Although you can skip this crucial quest line, doing so will allow you to reach the boss more quickly than if you didn’t. If you decide to accept, you will receive a Key for accessing a door down a corridor, which is located at the beginning of the Manor’s corridor.

You can either go on with the consorts and the other NPCs on their tasks or skip them and head straight for the Gateway Portal that leads to the praetor, Rykard, after exploring the area around Volcano Manor and defeating Nobles Godskin.

While it is highly probable that someone arriving in Volcano Manor in the Ring of Elden by doing so by mistake, this is a completely legit way of slipping through dungeons without having to accept the agreement with Tanith.

While progressing her questline grants players access to legacy dungeons, it also allows them to skip almost all of Elden Rings Volcano Manors’ other activities.

What will happen if you don’t Join Volcano Manor?

Whether you join or not, it won’t matter much. Since you won’t be able to get the drawing room key until you register, you’ve effectively locked yourself out of the questline. You, therefore, forfeit all the advantages resulting from the aforementioned killings.

Instead of taking a shortcut, you have to take a different route to go to Rykard. Joining can involve a few ethically questionable acts, but given that there are no negative consequences for joining, players are able to advance through the questline relatively guilt-free.

Players unwilling to defy the Guidance of Grace might reflexively decline an invitation to join the volcano manor at the Rings of Elden, but, unless asked to perform some questionable acts, there are effectively zero negatives to joining.

The request goes against both Two-Fingered Wishes and the Greatest Will, which has served players up until now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Does joining Volcano Manor have any significant drawbacks?

To obtain the key to the NPC room, you must register with Volcano Manor. The only drawback to joining is that Bernahl won’t be pleased with you. He won’t like the fact that you have to find other Tarnished, but there are actually no drawbacks to it.

What will happen if you join Volcano Manor?

When you join Volcano Manor, you must embark on a Tarnished hunt, killing individuals who are similar to you in terms of being warriors and travellers and plundering their corpses of valuables.

What happens if u join Volcano Manor Elden ring?

There are two significant impacts of the decisions taken here: If you choose to take part, you will obtain the Drawing Room Key, which unlocks the questline. Furthermore, hardly much truly occurs if you choose not to engage.

Is Volcano Manor a legacy dungeon?

Yes, it features a demigod boss, a lengthy sidequest, and numerous obstacles and dangers.

What happens if you join Tanith?

An NPC in Elden Ring is named Tanith. The owner of Volcano Manor, Tanith, approaches the participants and suggests working together to defeat the Fingers. You will be given specific quests and have access to some fresh NPCs if you choose to join her quest.

Where is patches after Volcano Manor?

Patches can be discovered at the Shaded Castle in Mount Gelmir after the Volcano Manor. To discover Patches in front of the fog door, you’ll need to fight your way through the region to the Elemer of the Briar monster. To get the Dancer’s Castanets item, speak with him.

How many legacy dungeons are in Elden Ring?

Six Legacy Dungeons can be explored by players throughout The Lands Between to help them develop their characters.

In Elden Ring, how many bosses will there be?

Our best guess is that there are 157 boss encounters in Elden Ring if we count every adversary with a boss bar, whether they are encountered through a fog gate or accidentally come across while exploring the globe.

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