How To Get Raven Rock in Skyrim Guide

Raven Rock is a place that was located in the south direction of Solstheim. It’s one of the places that you encounter in Skyrim. When you are completing the Morrowind questline. But that is not the question that lots of Skyrim players have asked.

The question is where you can find the ship that takes you to the Solstheim. Here we covered all the information that might come in handy for you to know how you can get Raven Rock in Skyrim without having much hassle. So let’s get started.

How To Get Raven Rock in Skyrim

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC is one of the best RPG games with a larger map that you can explore but find and reaching the locations in the game can be troublesome for most of the players. Solstheim is one of the main locations that you need to explore in the Dragonborn DLC.

You need to travel to the Windhelm Stables using the map as shown in the below screenshot.

from where you can reach to raven rock in skyrim

Once you teleported on the Windhelm Stables you need to move in a straight direction and take left when you encounter the horse with the cart and continue moving straight until you see the house in your right direction.

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where are the ships that takes you to the raven rock in skyrim
raven rock skyrim

From there you need to start moving in the left-down direction after a few steps you will see the dock with two massive ships.

how to reach to the raven rock in skyrim

You need to reach the ships and talk to the NPC named Gjalund Slat Sage that was fixing things on the ship that asks you to paint to win 50 gold and then he will take you to Raven Rock.

guide to reach raven rock in skyrim

Once you reach Raven Rock Outlander 20G achievement will be unlocked and you will interact with NPC named Adril Arano there you need to answer some questions and the NPC explains to you about Raven Rock.

The answer to Adril Arano’s questions.

Just looking for the work
Why are you so suspicious of the visitors?
Has Security been an issue?
What do your titles mean?
What is the city of backlight?
The Argonians invaded Morrowind?
Rock Raven is purely a Dummer settlement?

After the conversation, you are ready to explore Raven Rock.

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This is the end of this guide hopefully you find this short guide helpful to know how you can reach Raven Rock in Sykrim for more similar content you can check our Skyrim guide panel.