How To Get & Use Elemental Fury Vendor In Lost Ark

Lost Ark is one of the best RPG games that resemble the Elden Ring. There are lots of weapons, and items that you can equip in the Lost Ark. One of the items called Elemental’s Fury is popular among the Lost Ark players.

Basically, Elemental’s Fury is used in the game to craft the armor sets and framing it can be a little complicated for the beginner. Here we featured information about Elemental’s Fury such as how you can get and how you can use it without much hassle.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

How To Get Elemental Fury In Lost Ark

So players need to complete the Abyssal Dungeons and make sure they’re at 50 levels. After the complete the Dream-Stricker Elzowin quest.

The players can only obtain the Elemental Fury once they compete for the Abyssal Dungeons in the Phantom Palace. Particularly in Hall of the Twisted Warlord and Hildebrandt Palace.

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Most of the time after completing the Dungeons the player will not obtain the Elemental Fury if it’s not dropped. Basically, you may not have been lucky that time. However, you can try to complete the Dungeons and may it become available on Thursday at 5 am EST.

Lost Ark Elemental Fury Vendor

How to Use Elemental Fury in Lost Ark

The Elemental Fury is used to trade to obtain the Legendary Accessories for 1 Elemental Fury and Ability Stones for 2 Elemental Fury mostly these accessories will cost you around 460 Item Level. You can get lots of the Elemental Fury by simply completing the Abyssal Dungeons.

Once you have enough Elemental Fury you can need to visit the special craftsman in Lost Ark. For this find the Abyss Trade Vendor an NPC in the cities like  North Vern and more.

Interact with the Vendor and check its list of goods and simply trade the items from the vendor in exchange for the Elemental Fury.

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