How To Get Shiny Nihilego In Pokemon Go?

Want to know how to get a shiny Nihilego in Pokemon Go? Now you have to stop wondering because I have created a perfect guide for you to be able to catch a shiny Nihilego in the game!

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play mobile game available for players around the world. It is the most popular game worldwide, with the exciting concept of bringing the animated TV series.

Pokemon into real life for the fans to be able to catch Pokemon. It works on GPS by seeing the player’s location, so it can locate different types of Pokemon for the players to be able to catch them.

Pokemon Nihilego is a Pokemon that is available to players around the world. You can get one by participating in as many raids as possible. Nihilego is a rare Pokemon, so it is not easy for trainers to get one.

But I have created a guide on how to get one, and if you follow it, you will most certainly catch one! Good news for the trainers, the shiny Nihilego is available in Pokemon Go game as of June 15, 2023!

shiny nihilego
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Can A Nihilego Be Shiny?

Yes! Nihilego can be shiny.

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Is Shiny Nihilego rare?

Yes! Nihilego is a rare Pokemon, even though it isn’t a region-exclusive Pokemon and is available for trainers worldwide. Still, it is indeed a rare Pokemon and hard for trainers to catch.

The Shiny rate of Nihilego is 1 in 20! This means you have a 5% chance of countering a shiny Nihilego if you defeat it in a raid.

How To Get A Nihilego Shiny In Pokemon Go?

As I mentioned before, getting a Shiny Nihilego is very rare, and you have only a 5% chance to get a shiny variant of Nihilego if you defeat it in a raid. But here are ways you can increase the likelihood of countering a shiny Nihilego.

  • Participate in as many raids as possible.
  • Use a remote raid pass if you are unable to find a local raid.
  • Fight the battle with a Nihilego with a strong Ground-type Pokemon in the raid, as Nihilegos are vulnerable to Ground-type Pokemon.
  • Use Razz Berries or Golden Berries. 
  • Use ultra Balls to catch Nihilego.
  • Find people you can raid with so it increases your chance to win.
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What Kind Of Pokemon Is Nihilego?

Nihilego is a dual-type Pokemon. It is a Rock/Poison-type Pokemon. 

It was introduced in the game in Generation VII. 

Nihilego is a one-member family Pokemon. It does not evolve from or into any other Pokemon. Nihilego is a mighty Pokemon.

Nihilego is very vulnerable to Ground and Steel-type attacks 

But it is dominant against fairy and flying-type attacks. 

The Pokemon also has a shiny variant.

How To Get A Nihilego?

You can only catch a Nihilego by defeating it in a 5-star raid. To do so, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Find a gym where a 5-star raid is being held. You can use the map in Pokemon Go to find one.
  • Now you have to defeat Nihilego in a battle.
  • Throw Poke balls at Nihilego once you have won. The more premium balls you use, the more chances of catching one. You can also use Razz Berries and Golden Razz Berries.
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This is all for Shiny Nihilego Pokemon Go guide for more similar content do check our Pokemon Go guides section.

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