How To Get Purified Gems in Pokemon Go?

If you’re looking to know how to get purified gems in Pokemon Go? Here we cover all the information related to how you can get the and how to use them in Pokemon Go. So without getting further ado let’s focus on the guide.

How To Get Purified Gems in Pokemon Go?

Players have to use four Shadow Shards to get a purified gem. However, a Shard refiner will have to use in order for those four Shadow Shards to make the purified gem.

Pokemon Go Purified Gems
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How To Use Shard Refiner To Get Purified Gem

Now Shards Refiner is the machine in Pokemon Go which turns Shadow Shards into purified gems.

Once Players have four shadow shards players can approach professor willow in the game. He will then give players the prompt to use the Shards Refiner and to turn Shard Refiner and turn them into Purified Gems for players.

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How To Use Purified Gems?

Players will able to carry up to 10 purified gems at one time once the Player will receive their first gem they will be able to use it in shadow Raid Battles. But only when the Raid Boss is enraged during battle.

Trainers in the Shadow Raid Battle also use Purified Gems as well Trainers can use only up to 5 purified gems in Shadow Raid Battle.

How to Get Shadow Shards In Pokemon Go

Shadow Shards will be rewarded to the players after defeating Team Go Rocket it doesn’t matter who is long as they are on the team here are the ideas of how many Shadow Shards players will receive in different Battles.

  • Team Go Rocket Grunts and reward 1 Shadow Shards with each Encounter.
  • Leaders will reward 2 shadow shards for each encounter.
  • Giovanni will reward 4 shadow Shards for each Encounter.
  • Shadow Raids will Reward up to 5 Shadows Sards each Encounter.
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So that’s everything about purified gems and shadow Shards in Pokemon Go.

Final Words

To get the Purified Gem in Pokemon Go firstly you must get four Shadow Shards by defeating the Team Go Rocket.

Once Shadow Shards visit the professor willow give you permission to use the Shard Refiner from which you can convert Shadow Shards to Purified Gem. Most importantly, for one Purified Gem, you need 4 Shadow Shards.

This is all for how to get a Purified Gem in Pokemon Go. For more similar guides do check our Pokemon Go guides.

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