How to get & use the Defog Brilliant Diamond in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond there are a total of 8 HMs that players can obtain throughout their journey from Twinleaf to the Pokemon League. One of the HMs in the game is Defog which you need to use whenever the path in front of you is not visible.

Defog is a Hidden Move app that kicks out the White fog from the pathway. However, players get confused about where to find the Defog and how to use it in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. Here we featured a guide that helps you to know where you find the Defog along with how you can use it without having a hassle.

Most probably the first time when you need to use the Defog in the game is Route 210 when you find the Psyducks that you cure with the help of Cynthia. After that, there are some other places in the game where you need to use the Defog. So let’s get started.

How to Get Defog In Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl,
How to Get Defog

Where to find the Defog in the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Defog is located at Pastoria City’s Great Marsh, despite the fact that you initially require it on the other side of the continent in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The Great Marsh Safari Zone entrance is located just next to Pastoria City’s eastern gate.

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defog brilliant diamond
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Defog Location

Pay $500 to start the game, then talk to the individual immediately to your right upon entering. Since her Pokemon cannot learn it, she will offer you a couple of Defog TMs.

However to use the Defog you need to defeat the Crasher Wake in the battle once you defeat him you can use the Defog in the outer world.

How to Use Defog in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pear?

Defog is simple to use. Simply hit R1 to start your Poketch, then go to the Hidden Moves apps. By choosing Defog, a wild Pokemon will stop by and provide you with much-needed clarity in foggy locations.

This is the end of the Pokemon Brillant Diamond Defog location guide. Here at the Gameinstants, we cover all information related to video games for more helpful content do read our Pokemon Guide.

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