How To Get Shiny Ursaluna in Pokemon Go?

The Pokemon Go community is gearing up for the November 2022 Community Day featuring Teddiursa, a popular and adorable bear-like Pokemon. During this event, players have the opportunity to catch and evolve Teddiursa into Ursaring, and then into Ursaluna, a new addition to the game.

Many players are wondering how to get Ursaluna and its shiny variant, so we have put together this guide to help you prepare for the event.

What is the Teddiursa Community Day?

The Teddiursa Community Day is the fifty-ninth Community Day in Pokemon Go. It will take place on November 12, 2022, from 2 pm to 5 pm local time. During this event, Teddiursa will spawn more frequently in the wild, and players will have a higher chance of encountering its shiny variant.

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In addition, any Ursaring evolved during the event or up to five hours after will learn the Charged Attack High Horsepower.

How to Evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna?

To evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna, you must have 100 Teddiursa Candy and wait for the full moon to appear in the Pokemon Go skies. This means that you will only be able to evolve your Ursaring into Ursaluna during certain hours of the day, as follows:

  • The full moon will appear from Saturday, November 12, 2022, at 2 pm to Sunday, November 13, 2022, at 6 am.
  • When the full moon is visible, you can evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna.
  • Once the moon sets, you can only evolve your Ursaring to Ursaluna when the moon is full again.

Therefore, it’s essential to keep an eye on the lunar calendar and plan your gameplay accordingly. Remember that Ursaluna is a brand new Pokemon, so evolving Ursaring into it is a rare and valuable opportunity.

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shiny ursaluna
shiny ursaluna

How to Get Shiny Ursaluna?

Shiny Ursaluna is a rare variant of Ursaluna with a different color palette. It is possible to obtain a shiny Ursaluna during the event by catching a shiny Teddiursa and then evolving it into Ursaluna during the full moon. The chances of encountering a shiny Teddiursa are increased during the event, so make sure to catch as many as possible.

Tips for Success during the Teddiursa Community Day

Here are some tips to help you make the most of the Teddiursa Community Day and increase your chances of getting Ursaluna and its shiny variant:

  • Stock up on Pokeballs and other items before the event starts, so you don’t run out during the event.
  • Use Incense and Lure Modules to attract more Pokemon to your location, including Teddiursa.
  • Join a local Pokemon Go group or Discord server to find out where the best spawns are during the event.
  • Keep an eye on the lunar calendar and plan your gameplay accordingly to ensure you can evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna during the full moon.
  • Be patient and persistent, as it may take some time to encounter a shiny Teddiursa or evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna.
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The Teddiursa Community Day is an exciting event that offers players the chance to catch and evolve a popular Pokemon and obtain a brand new one. By following the tips above and planning your gameplay, you can increase your chances of getting Ursaluna and its shiny variant. Remember to have fun and enjoy the event with other players in your community. Good luck, trainers!