Pokemon Go: How To Get Shiny Clauncher and Shiny Clawitzer

Looking for the guide to know how you can grab Shiny Clauncher and Shiny Clawitzer in Pokemon Go. Well don’t worry at all, Here in this article, I have explained the method that helps to get these Pokemons without having much hassle.

In Pokemon Go, Clauncher and Clawitzer are two creatures trainers have their eyes on during this event. Clauncher is a water-type Pokemon with the highest chance of spawning in rainy weather. 

How To Catch Shiny Clauncher and Shiny Clawtizer in Pokemon Go

Shiny Clawtizer and Shiny Clauncher
Image via Gameinstants

To catch Clauncher, using Incense and Lure Modules is important to set up an effective shiny hunting patrol once players find an area with the right weather to farm in. These items easily attach to the player, and Pokestops can increase the general spawn rate of a specific Pokemon. 

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Meeting these requirements will increase the likelihood of catching Caluncher and nearly every other creature players can find during the themed Spotlight Hour. 

Finding a Shiny Clawtizer is comparatively much harder than finding a Shiny Clauncher. This is because evolved Pokemon in Pokemon GO are hard to find in the wild and because Clawitzer doesn’t have a higher spawn rate during the Spotlight Hour event. As a result, catching a Shiny Clawitzer is a difficult task for players.

Finding a Shiny Clauncher and evolving it into a Clawitzer by gathering 50 Clauncher candies will yield much better results for players.

Is There a Secret to Catching Shiny Pokemon?

The best way to catch more Shiny Pokémon is to reduce catching all Pokemon. When looking for shiny Pokemons, your goal isn’t necessarily to catch them all. 

Instead, you should look at as many shiny-possible Pokémon as you can to keep spinning the wheel until you succeed.

Moreover, Shiny Pokemon catch rates are controlled by Niantic. The catch rates are increased during special occasions like Community Days, Safari Zones, or Legendary Raids. Shiny Pokémon rate-boosting consumables don’t exist.

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