How To Get Squid Ink Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

This is a comprehensive guide based on how to get Squid Ink Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom video game without much hassle.

cookie run kingdom squid ink cookie
squid ink cookie

Squid ink cookie is a type of cookie that can be found in the Cookie Run Kingdom game. It costs 20 gold to buy and can be found on levels 161 to 189, depending on the island you visit. However, there is only a low chance of finding one so patience is needed or go back and replay levels if needed.

Squid ink drains energy from your opponents and replenishes your energy when eaten! This item is considered good for those with low hit points because it will help regenerate them as well as weaken an opponent at the same time.

squid ink cookie run
squid ink cookie

What Are The Features of Squid Ink Cookies?

Squid ink cookie has some special features that can only be seen and used by players once you are able to get the item, so keep on playing until you get it! When you buy a squid ink cookie for 20 gold coins, it will come with the following features:

1. Recovers hit points when eaten. If a player eats this cookie, he will gain a lot of hit points. It is recommended that you play more games after getting this item to recover more hit points.

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2. Takes away 5 energy from an opponent when eaten. This can be used to take away a lot of energy at a time.

3. When eaten, your attack will go down. When your attack is low, you cannot do much damage to enemies. So it is recommended that you eat this cookie to be able to get more attacks.

4. ​Reduces the amount of energy in your opponent’s power bar by 2 when eaten. It also reduces the amount of energy in his hit points when eaten so make sure your opponent’s hit points are low before eating his squid ink!

5. Reduces an opponent’s speed by 1 when eaten.

what's squid ink cookie gender
squid ink cookie

When squid ink cookies are used, the following pros will be seen:

1. ​Basic attack will go up by 1.

2. Reduces the opponent’s speed.

3. Spirit bar will go down by 2.

4. Energy bar will go down by 5 in a pinch.

What are the cons of squid ink cookies?

When using squid ink cookies, the following cons will be seen:

1. Your attack goes down by 2. This is not good since it is hard to get hit points back that you lose when eating this cookie unless you use another one! Also, your energy can be very low so make sure you keep your shield up! The egg symbol means it is low on energy and has no shield power either.

2. You cannot move and attack when you eat this cookie.

3. Your opponent’s movement will slow down.

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4. ​When eaten, it takes away 5 energy from your opponent. If your opponent has a lot of energy, use another one to take away more! Sometimes using two at a time can be useful in taking away a lot of energy from your opponent!

5. Your attack will go down by two when eaten.

how to build squid ink cookie

The first time you see the item is at level 161. You have to play for 1 minute and 43 seconds to get it. The second time you see it is at level 191, but the game will not let you move and attack, only use your shield. Should you buy the item? There is no way of knowing if this will work so try it! Or replay the level until you get another chance of getting the item!

How high are your hit points? 

The idea of getting hit points back after a tough battle with an opponent sounds very nice in theory, but remember that players can easily take away all your hit points with one skill shot or a lucky strike. Also, if you get hit by an opponent and the shield breaks, you will lose all your hit points. So keep your shield up at all times!

Players that want to get higher hit points can buy more hit-point boosters and use them whenever necessary. They are very useful. Hitpoint boosters are one of the most important diamonds in the Cookie Run Kingdom game.

Get squid ink cookies! You will discover that it is useful in the long run. If you really want a higher score, you should buy more hit-point boosters and keep eating these silver cookies until you get the best possible attack power.

  • – Squid ink cookies are a must-buy! You will know why once you get it.
  • – Do not eat squid ink cookies to recover hit points because 1) you lose all your hit points when your shield breaks and 2) you cannot move or attack while eating it.
  • – If you want to recover more hit points, replay levels, or buy more hit point boosters!
  • – Squid ink cookies can really help take away energy from your opponent! Try using the skill shot, Striker, and eat the squid ink before he uses his skill shot! This can really annoy him and lower his score by making him lose energy rapidly.
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how good is squid ink cookie
squid ink cookie


Cookie Run Kingdom is a fun game that can be played on any of your favorite devices that have a web browser. The cute squid cookie is only available once you complete a run while collecting one or more fire, thunder, water, and/or lightning element orbs.

If you want this special type of cookie, then you will have to complete all the level four runs that appear in your kingdom where these elements are required. A few of the level four runs are outlined below and they are the ones that have elements required for this special type of cookie.

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