How To Use CP Calculator In Pokemon Go?

The Pokemon GO CP calculator is a must-have tool for determining the evolved Pokemon’s CP. Basically the tool used to get an idea of how strong and powerful the evolved Pokemon will be before you spend all of your candies and stardust to evolve the Pokemon. Make sure to read this ultimate guide to the end if you want to learn more about the Pokemon GO CP calculator.

How To Use CP Calculator In Pokemon Go?

Well to utilize the CP Calculator you must have to access to the web browser on your phone or desktop. Go to the web browser such as Google Chrome and enter the following or else you can download the application using Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Once you’ve decided what Pokemon you wanted to evolve then to calculate its CP you needed to enter the certain Pokemon’s values into the Pokemon Go CP Calculator and determine the range in which your Pokemon will going to evolved.

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However there is an catch, using this Pokemon Go tool may helpful in middle of the evolution but it also give benefits when entering Go Battle League tournaments that have CP limited. In the tournament selecting the best pokemon which must be close as CAP limit is more important and allows you to win the tournament without having much hassle.

The evolved Pokemon’s CP will be higher if the CP of the base Pokemon you’re trying to evolve is higher. If you evolve a pikachu with a CP of 1060 into a Raichu, it will have a CP of 2182 same goes with other Pokemons such as Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur etc.

However the CP resemble a lot but the fact is it won’t stand a lot in middle of the battles and you should find the base of Pikachu with maximum CP to evolve which allows its to be further evolutions can be stronger in battling with powerful attacks and defenses.

In last, we can tell you that using the CP Calculators in Pokemon Go can give an additional benefits over your opponent and you can easily take over the battle without having a hassle with power Pokemon using the CP calculator. Make sure to check out list of all powerful Bird, Cat Pokemon List.

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