How To Get Tempus Razorback in Warzone 2

There is a brand new AR in Warzone 2 which just released with season four and let me tell you, this gun is insane and not that it’s just insane but it reminds me of one of my favorite metals of all time the FFAR.

The Tempus Razorback just released with the battle pass and has an insane fire rate and can be used as the perfect sniper support or honestly long-range AR.

The Tempus Razorback is described as having a bullpup design with frame vibration control resulting in a smooth and controllable full auto weapon which essentially means it will have a good fire rate and decent damage.

In reality, this will be a more typical assault rifle which will be used at mid to long-range battles and is comparable to the ISO Hemlock and Kilo when fully levelled up.

How to Unlock Tempus Razorback in Warzone 2

Tempus Razorback Warzone 2
Image via Gameinstants

We can unlock the Tempus Razorback without a challenge simply by progressing through the battle pass to tier D13 which is approximately 15 tokens if you head directly to it and this is available for all battle pass users whether it’s free or paid. 

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Asides from this method, our best bet to unlock the Tempus Razorback instantly is to extract in DMZ. You can find them in loot boxes which are small and rarely include new weapons so get a friend or a kind stranger who has already grinded the new weapon or bought battle pass tokens and then ask them to drop it for you so you can extract. 

Either way, this weapon looks great and I think we can be thankful for the new mega grinder unlock challenge to get the weapon also make sure you know how to rank up the battle pass as fast as possible and I’ll see you on the battlefield.

This is all for how to unlock the Tempus Razorback in call of duty modern warframe 2 for more similar guides do check our MW2 guides section.