How To Get Munna in Pokemon Go?

Do you want to capture the Pokemon: Munna in Pokemon Go? Munna is a more straightforward Pokemon to catch. I have gathered all the information a new trainer needs to catch Munna in Pokemon Go. Follow this guide, and you’ll catch it.

Munna was one of the Pokemon released on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021, in the game Pokemon Go. Many trainers want to get their hands on this Pokemon and try to catch one so they can add it to their team since Munna is one of the best and has many advantages. 

Munna‘s spawn rate increases during specific Pokemon Go events, so I suggest trainers keep their eyes on these events to get their hands on Munna.

As I said before, catching Munna isn’t quite challenging. There are many ways to catch them, like winning raids and other methods. You’ll undoubtedly catch one if you follow this guide.

How To Get Munna in Pokemon Go

This Psychic-type Pokemon is found in the Unova Region. Players should look out for events because during those, the spawn rate of munna tends to increase, and players could catch one easily. Apart from events, the trainers can use lures to increase the spawn rate of Munna.

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The spawn rate can be increased by using both:

  • High-Rated Poke Ball
  • Razy Berry

Generally, the High-Rated pokeballs should be Ultra Balls, but Great Balls also work well.

What Kind Of Pokemon is Munna?

Muna is a Psychic-Type it is one of the best psychic-type Pokemon. The Munna was released in the game during the Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event in 2021. It is a Generation V Pokemon. It is vulnerable to Bugs, Ghosts, and Dark moves. Its most robust and best moves are Zen Headbutt and Psyshock.

How To Get Munna in Pokemon Go

munna pokemon go shiny
Image via Gameinstants

There are a few ways to capture Munna. The following are ways to get Munna:

  • Get them through one-star Raids at gyms near you
  • Complete the “Win a Raid” field Research Task
  • Complete the “Hatch an Egg” Field Research 
  • Complete the “Power up 5 Rock-Type Pokemon” Field Research Task

Munna Evolution

Currently, there are a total of 2 Pokemon in the Munna family. Munna evolves into Musharna. 

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These psychic-type Pokemon’s HP tanks are in the lower ranks of competitive play. Musharna is a much more powerful Pokemon than Munna, so fortunately, it is easier to catch a Munna. 

Once you have caught a Munna, you can evolve it into a Musharna. You can evolve into Musharna, for which you will need a moonstone and 50 candies. It will be preferable to wait until you reach level 48 to give Muna the moonstone.

Munna also has a shiny, extremely rare version of basic Pokemon with an often wholly different color scheme.

With any encounter with Munna, there is a chance for you to find a shiny one if you’re lucky. Now that you know how to get a Munna and even evolve it into a Musharna, this article concludes.

This is all for how to get munna in the Pokemon Go guide for more similar guides do check our Pokemon Go guides section.