COD Mobile: How To Get Long Shot Medal

When playing COD, you must defeat a player with a long-range shot to obtain a Long Shot Medal. The Long Shot is among the several medals in COD that are not limited to battle royale mode.

Like every other COD medal, the long shot medal is also linked to battle pass missions. To gain battle pass EXP or other rewards, players are often required to earn eight or more long shot medals in a single match or finish other similar activities.

In this COD Mobile guide I have prepared, I will show you the steps to earn a long shot medal for COD Mobile.

How To Get Long Shot Medal in COD Mobile?

long shot medal cod mobile
Image via Activision

Steps to obtain your Long Shot Medal in COD Mobile.

  • Select any assault rifle of your choice from the loadout section. It is recommended to pick out a more stable gun to help you get better results, such as ICR or M4.
  • Go to the customize menu option and click on perks. After that, tap the menu and select “Long Shot.”
  •   Attach other accessories to your gun that increase its range and stability.  
  • Choose any map of your desire, but a long-range map would be better, for e.g., Crossfire
  • After entering the game, Choose a spot to hold to spot and kill your opponents from a distance. Select the weapon with the Long Shot perk attached to it.
  • After you successfully make a long-range shot and kill with it, you will be rewarded with a long shot medal in the game. Keep doing this until you’ve earned five medals.
  • ​After you have earned the medals and completed the competition, visit the section Events and choose Seasonal. Click on the Elite Marksmanship section to see that your mission is complete.
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This is the easiest method to earn a long shot in the game. For more similar guides do check our COD Mobiles guides section.

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