How to Get the Hogwarts Legacy: Goblet Overhaul Mod?

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most successful games of 2023. In the immersive experience of 19th-century Hogwarts, players embark on a journey to unearth an ancient secret in the open-world action RPG game. There are 42 mainline quests, 57 side quests, and 12 assignments but not each of them is as easy as a pie.

On the other hand, some players in the wizarding world want a challenge. This is where mods come into play. Through the use of certain player-made game content, you can either increase or decrease the difficulty of your solo gameplay. The mods range from increased/decreased prices of items, damage from monsters, better rewards, etc.

What is Hogwarts Legacy: Goblet Overhaul Mod?

Hogwarts Legacy: Goblet Overhaul is a mod developed by It can be downloaded manually from its website, guaranteeing that it is 100% safe. There are eight mod preset packs to choose from, namely:-

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Goblet Easy

Goblet Easy is the most preferred mod as it doubles the XP gain and chance of obtaining legendary items from human enemies. The mod also increases the AOE of Incendio and Revelio and increases the duration of the latter spell. Backpack benefits, increased potion capacity, increased beast selling price, and many more advantages can be acquired by the Goblet Easy mod.

Goblet Vanilla Balanced / Goblet Vanilla Balanced+Vivarium

Goblet Vanilla Balanced and Goblet Vanilla Balanced+Vivarium are Hogwarts Legacy mods that tweak certain aspects of the game such as Rescue all animals, Unlocked all conjurable items, Conjure anything in vivariums, and more.

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Goblet Nightmare

The Goblet Nightmare pack comes with a warning that “you will wish you didn’t install this.” Hardcore Hogwarts Legacy players will find the mod to be their taste. From increased item prices, and increased enemies’ health, level, and damage to overly challenging tweaks to Spells, it will be quite a test for players.

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Goblet Unlock All

With all Floo travel locations and gear traits unlocked, players that start Hogwarts Legacy can get a massive headstart with this mod. The “Unlock All” is also applicable to all three kinds of flying broomsticks, spells, conjurable items, and beasts. Use this mod on a new save to see the effects.

There are a few other game modification presets such as Goblet Inventory Booster (max capacity of backpack, potions, and vivariums), Immersive Tweaks Pack (increased train times and curfew time, and Goblet No Cooldowns (removes all spell cooldowns and gives increased damage to the four basic cast spells).

Use whichever preset from the Hogwarts Legacy: Goblet Overhaul Mod based on your need and your play style.