Pokemon Path to the Peak short film release date and details

For the first time, an animated short film on the hit Pokemon Trading Card Game will be released this August – Pokemon Path to the Peak. The grand revelation occurred during the Pokemon Presents livestream on August 8, 2023. Path to the Peak shares its name with a Stadium card from the Pokemon Trading Card Chilling Reign expansion.

Pokemon Path to the Peak will premiere at the Pacifico Yokohama in Japan during the Pokemon World Championship. It explores the story of a young girl named Ava and how she takes the journey of becoming the best Pokemon TCG player in the world.

Path to the Peak is the Pokemon Company’s attempt at making a show based on card games similar to its age-old rival, Yu-Gi-Oh! by Konami.

Pokemon Path to the Peak short film details

Senior Director of Media Production at The Pokemon Company International, Andy Gose implied that the creative team has been busy bringing the world of Pokemon TCG alive. He gave a synopsis of the short film during the live stream on August 8.

Ava, along with her buddy Pokemon Oddish, will derive support from her “family, community, and new-found friendship” in order to become the best Pokemon Trading Card Game player. Early on in her life, her parents realize her talent for the game and send her to the Pokemon Club.

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The trailer shows the heroine joining a club that is fixated on dominating the competitive TCG. 14 young minds are part of the group and they battle it out to hone their skills. Jolteon, Shuppet, Oddish, and Trevenant are featured in the video.

Ava’s antagonist seems to be a fellow ambitious girl from the Pokemon Club. It remains to be which OTT platform marks the debut of Pokemon Path to the Peak.