How to Find the Hogwarts Legacy Underground Harbor

While playing Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll encounter different challenges you will need to complete before you can level up. One of those challenges is finding Hogwarts Legacy’s underground harbor.

This task would be delegated to you by Professor Weasley as she would ask you to find a secluded harbor within Hogwarts Legacy. Since it is hidden, finding it isn’t the easiest thing for you.

Luckily, we’ve figured it all out, and this guide will tell you exactly how you can find Hogwarts Legacy’s underground harbor. On that note, let’s dive right in. 

Location of Hogwarts Legacy Underground Harbor

Underground Harbor Cave
Underground Harbor Location and Cave Entrance

The underground harbor is hidden in Hogwarts Legacy near the Boathouse floo flame location. It is secluded in the Great Hall category, and you’ll need to step out of the Viaduct courtyard and head down the stairs towards the Boathouse area.

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While you’re headed towards the boathouse, you might want to use your broom to make the journey faster.

Ride westward on your broom till you find a waterfall. Although it will initially look like a dead-end, rest assured you’re on the right path.

Underground Harbor Entrance
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There is also another way to reach Underground Harbor using the fast travel door located at near the Boathouse floo flame.

The developers at Avalanche Software are only trying to be sneaky, but if you look to the left of the waterfall, you’ll find a cave just beneath the waters. Now, all you must do is descend into the water in your broom and swim through the cave’s opening.

Once you enter the cave, you’ll see some overhanding moss blocking your view at the entrance. Keep going through the cave until you eventually find the Hogwarts Legacy underground harbor.

Underground Harbor quest guide
Image via WoW Quests YouTube

Once you find this harbor you need to collect the field guide page, the challenge from Professor Weasley will be completed. However, you don’t have to head back immediately. There are some treasures nearby.

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To find these treasures, cast the Revelio spell, and their locations will appear. Grab it all, including the gear and gold, and then a lift will be activated to take you to the Viaduct Courtyard.

How to Learn the Transformation Spell

Once you complete these tasks and other easy tasks assigned to you by Professor Weasley, learning the Transformation spell will be easy for you.

All you have to do is head up to the transfiguration classroom, and you’ll learn this spell here. The Transformation spell will turn your many enemies into barrels when you use them in combat. 

Additionally, this spell can be upgraded under your talents. Any player that makes it to Level 22 and uses a talent point to upgrade this spell can turn their enemies into explosive objects instead of barrels.

Final Thoughts

That concludes the challenge of finding Hogwarts Legacy Underground harbor. The best part about this challenge is that you don’t have to worry about the level and quest requirements when accessing it.

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Once you’ve completed Professor Weasley’s tour and successfully made it through the tutorials, you can easily locate this underground harbor early into the game. If you enjoyed this Hogwarts Legacy guide, check out other guides to make your adventures in Hogwarts easier.

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