How To Get the Personal Quarters in Warframe

Personal Quarter is mainly a part of the Ghoul Purge Bounties update. It is known for unlocking another room with personal equipment, armors, decorations and a unique and special quest on the ship which is very exciting that’s why it is very popular amongst the players. Here you are able to decorate this room as you want.

Personal segment will allow you to decorate equipments also like Kubrow equipment. Everyone wants to try this feature because all players want their own personal room decorated by their own so it became so popular for this.

Warframe Arcane Rise
Digital Extremes

Personal Quarter is able to unlock the door on the port side which is at the Orbiter’s bottom deck. This one is famous for containing the Tenno’s Personal Quarters where players are able to exhibit the assorted possessions that they have. After finishing the war within the quest you will be able to have the blueprint of this segment.

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The main components

  • 1X Argon Crystal
  • 3000X Ferrite
  • 2X Tellurium
  • 800X Rubedo
  • 1X Personal Quarters Segment Blueprint

How to Get the Personal Quarter in Warframe

To get the Personal Quarter in Warframe you have to complete the Chains of Harrow quest firstly and then you will be able to create your from the Foundry just before to access your Personal Quarter. In your ship when you enter your personal quarter you will get a glowing orb near a window, which will start a quest.

The process you should follow if you are not able to get the personal quarter segment in Waframe:

  • At first you have to reboot your game.
  • Then you should verify the download cache through the launcher.
  • Lastly you have to wait some days and you will be able to get the personal quarter segment in Waframe.