Warframe How to Unlock Sorties

Sorties are not part of the quest, it’s a daily challenge available for Warframe Tenno. In Sorties, three challenges will be available for you. The difficulty level will increase as you ascend in daily challenges.

Further, you have to complete these three challenges in sequence. The Warframe Sorties can be far more difficult than you can imagine. There will be a hard-to-knock boss and worst-to-play condition. Overall, it won’t be easy as pie, however, the challenging rewards won’t disappoint you. 

Now, the question is In Warframe, How to Unlock Sorties? Let’s find all related to Warframe Sorties in this very special Guide. 

This is required to unlock the Sorties Daily Challenges in Warframe!

You can access Warframe Sorties from the Navigation Menu, but it won’t appear there if you haven’t completed The War Within quest in Codex.  You can access The War Within Quest after completing The Second Dream and after completing The War Within, The Chains of Harrow and Sorties Warframe will unlock. 

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If you manage to complete The War Within Quest, then you can play the Sorties Challenges, but it isn’t that easy. The players have to select the Tenno with rank 30 Warframes, however, if you have mastery rank 30 with polarised warframe can access it. 

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Warframe: Sorties Condition

In the Introduction, we bragged so much about how hard the Sorties Challenge can be. Here, we have listed the Sorties Condition, that you have to face while completing Sorties’ Three challenge. 

Augmented Enemy ShieldsCorpus will have 300%+ Shields
Augmented Enemy ArmourEnemies have 300% Armour
Cryogenic Leakage Enemies gain +25% cold damage and maximum shield capacity is halved
Dense FogLimited Visibility 
Electromagnetic AnomaliesGravity is reduced and Magnetic Clouds will dot the map
Enemy Physical Enhancement Enemies will deal +100% physical damage and +85% resistance to physical damage
Enemy Elemental EnhancementEnemies will deal +100 % elemental damage and +85% resistance to physical damage 
Energy ReductionEnergy capacity is reduced by a quarter and regeneration speed is reduced too
Eximus StrongholdEximus Unit Spawn much more often
Extreme Cold Mobility is impaired
FireHealth amount is halved and the recovery rate is also reduced
Low GravityGravity will be less than usual
Radiation HazardEnemies will gain +100% Radiation damage and Physical damage is reduced by 
Assault Rifle onlyAssault only available in sorties
Melee OnlyOnly Melee weapons can be used and carried 
Secondary weaponOnly Secondary weapons can be used and carried
ShotgunsOnly Primary Shotguns can be used and carried
Sniper OnlyOnly Sniper Rifles can be used and carried 
Bow OnlyOnly Primary Bows can be used and carried 

Wait, before you begin with Sorties’ daily challenges, there are some conditions you should be aware of. 

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Warframe: Sorties Mission Conditions

As we know, there are three challenges you have to complete in a sorties mission, there are some special conditions we just listed earlier in this guide. Further, there are some, Sorties Mission Conditions, that you should know about.

MissionEnemy Level
1st Mission50 – 60
2nd Mission65- 80
3rd Mission80 – 100

Warframe: Sorties Mission Rewards

There are three missions you have to complete to get these listed rewards; some are common and many are rare. 

  • Anasa Ayatan Sculpture
  • Riven Mod
  • 4000XEndo
  • 6000XKuva
  • 3 Day Booster
  • Exilus Adapter
  • Forma
  • Orokin Catalyst Blueprint
  • Orokin Reactor Blueprint
  • Legendary Core

At the end of the Sorties mission, you will have a total of 100000 credits. The first will give you 20000 credits, the second stage is 30000 credits and the last third stage will have 50000 credit points. 


That’s all you need to know about the Warframe Sorties Mission. You can unlock it by completing the War Within Quest. After that, you can access it from the navigation menu. As you do that there will be three daily challenges for you to complete. It won’t be easy for you, in mission, you have to face critical conditions with many limitations. 

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