Warframe: Farming the Alloy Plate Guide

Farming Alloy Plate

Alloy Plate mainly is a combination of metals mostly used by the Grineer for the kind of armor which you are able to reused for items like the Tenno craft. You can use the Alloy Plate also for many parts which are needed to make crafts like Systems, Neuroptics and even Cosmetics. You are able … Read more

How To Get the Personal Quarters in Warframe

Free Platinum in Warframe

Personal Quarter is mainly a part of the Ghoul Purge Bounties update. It is known for unlocking another room with personal equipment, armors, decorations and a unique and special quest on the ship which is very exciting that’s why it is very popular amongst the players. Here you are able to decorate this room as … Read more

Warframe How to Unlock Sorties

Duviri Paradox Warframe

Sorties are not part of the quest, it’s a daily challenge available for Warframe Tenno. In Sorties, three challenges will be available for you. The difficulty level will increase as you ascend in daily challenges. Further, you have to complete these three challenges in sequence. The Warframe Sorties can be far more difficult than you … Read more