How To Get Warframe Tasoma Extract (All Locations)

Warframe Tasoma Extract is a resource that can be found in the deeper parts of Duviri and can be farmed in certain locations that are not easy to find at first glance. So Tasoma Extract can be found only in the caves that appear around Duviri so you have to make your way underground.

Now it doesn’t have to be deep dark underground or any of the overhangs they appear to grow in and you don’t actually need to be in the deepest darkest places by any means you can just grab them as you’re exploring around the place.

How To Get Tasoma Extract in Warframe

Warframe Tasoma Extract
Image via Gameinstants

There are a few caves that you may explore when in Duviri to get Tasoma Extract. A good way to find Tasoma Extract would be to have your Riding Intrinsics upgraded to help navigate where the resources are.

Some of the caves worth checking out are given below.

  • Farbreeze Hamlet
  • Upperhaven
  • The Citadel
  • Primrose Village
  • Far Shores Hamlet
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While other caves may be explored, we often head to these caves while searching for Tasoma Extract.

Acquiring these Extract requires that you first find the plants containing the Extract that are hidden inside of the caves. Once you find the plant, you can attack it with your melee or ranged weapon, causing it to drop the Tasoma Extract.

After acquiring these Tasoma Extract, they can be used to craft weapons like the Edun, and it is also one of the requirements for Braton Incarnon Genesis and Furax Incarnon Genesis upgrades which require 60 Tasoma Extract, Cinta bow which requires 20 Tasoma Extract.

In total, you’ll need 220 Extract to get everything requiring Tasoma Extract in Warframe. That’s all you need to know about getting Tasoma Extract as I’ll see you in the next article.