Is There Any Hogwarts Legacy Romance?

We saw some flirting in the Harry Potter books even before Harry started dating Ginny Weasley. If you’re a fan, you might be looking out for some romance in Hogwarts Legacy.

Most players have asked if there’s any Hogwarts Legacy romance, anxious to develop a magical romance of their own in the school corridors. We have all the answers for you; keep reading to find out. 

Are There Hogwarts Legacy Romance Options?

There are many characters that Hogwarts Legacy players can look forward to while playing the Legacy game.

Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement 1
Avalanche Software

These characters are part of your journey through the magical school, and many dialogue options allow you to get to know your fellow students and professors in the game. However, the answer to your question is no; there’s no Hogwarts Legacy romance to look forward to

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While it’s possible to build friendships with your fellow students, don’t hold your breath if you want to get some romantic scenes in Hogwarts Legacy. While this comes to the dismay of the young witches and wizards playing the game, there are many valid reasons why this won’t be possible. 

For one, all the students in the game are teenagers. So, it would be off for romance options to be included in the game. Therefore, after completing the character arcs of NPCs in the game, friendship is all you can attain with them.

Additionally, Moira Squier, the narrative lead for the game, explained that the team at Avalanche Studios wants to ensure that players can live out their character’s potential to the fullest.

This type of freedom can be difficult to attain if players get the opportunity to develop a love interest in other characters. While there’s no Hogwarts Legacy romance, players can still befriend people, which makes perfect sense for the game’s context. 

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What Are Relationship Lines in Hogwarts Legacy?

Now that you know there is no Hogwarts Legacy romance to look forward to, you’re probably wondering what relationship lines are. Throughout the game, you’ll find that some characters stand out more than others.

These prominent characters are usually tied to the relationship lines. The lines progress as you explore side quests and get rewards like spells, XPs, items, and other useful features.

Befriending any of these unique characters automatically unlocks their relationship line. Once again, the relationship is always platonic, but players learn more about the characters throughout the game. Natsai Onai, Sebastian Sallow, and Poppy Sweeting are the three prominent characters with relationship lines. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know all you need about Hogwarts Legacy romance and the lack of it throughout the game. While the developers might change their mind and include it in future updates, we wouldn’t advise waiting.

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Developers and the narrative team have clarified that it wouldn’t make sense in the context of the while. Now that you have your answer check out some of our other Hogwarts Legacy guides to gain tips on acing your favorite game.

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