How To Get Enigma Gyrum in Warframe?

Enigma Gyrum is a resource in Warframe that was added on April 26th, 2023. You can acquire Enigma Gyrum resources by solving the Duviri Puzzle.

Currently, obtaining Warframe Enigma Gyrum doesn’t require much; you only need it to purchase the Watchful Paragrimm from Acrithis.

In Duviri, you won’t engage in battles or search for resources on the plains. Instead, you need to solve the Enigma Puzzle in the Duviri World to obtain the Enigma Gyrum Warframe resource.

Additionally, the Duviri Paradox is Warframe’s fourth open world, ruled by the Dominus Thrax.

In this guide, we will explain how to obtain Enigma Gyrum in Warframe. Hopefully, you find it helpful.

How to obtain Enigma Gyrum in Warframe?

Enigma Gyrum Warframe
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Enigma Gyrum is a reward for solving puzzles in the Duviri Universe. Before starting, you must first complete the main part of the Expansion Duviri Paradox storyline, which will grant you access to Spiral again in Warframe.  This will also lead to various other side objectives of Duviri.

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Owl Puzzle

There will be numerous puzzles, but not all of them contain the Enigma Gyrum. To acquire the Enigma Gyrum, you need to locate the blue pillar. On top of the blue pillar, you will find the Watchful Paradigm.

To solve the puzzles, you must match the Floating Sphere symbol with the Blue Pillar symbol. This puzzle is also known as the Owl Puzzle. You need to shoot a drum object to match the symbol, and once the symbols match, the cache in the hutch will open.

You can complete these puzzles solo or in a squad at your convenience. Each puzzle guarantees 1 to 3 Duviri Enigma Gyrum upon completion.

Archarbor Puzzle

Apart from that, you can also attempt the special Enigma Puzzle located underneath the Archarbor, which consists of 8 symbols. Solving this puzzle will reward you with 5 Enigma Gyrum. The symbols on the Paragrimm Hutch in Archarbor will look like this. 

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This Warframe Owl Puzzle differs from others, as completing it will reward you with the Enigma Gyrum. In addition to the Enigma Gyrum, you can also obtain the Cinta Bow in the Duviri Paradox.

Acrithis Warframe

Once you obtain the Enigma Gyrum, you can trade it with Acrithis for the Watchful Paradigm. Acrithis is an Archivist in the Duviri Warframe. You can find her throughout the Duviri world and in the Dormizone. Acrithis offers a variety of supplies for materials found in Warframe Duviri.


Enigma Gyrum is a rare resource in Warframe, obtainable by solving puzzles in Duviri. Duviri is the fourth world in Warframe.

To solve the puzzle, you must match the numbers on the vertical pole drum with the floating numbers. Shooting the numbers will solve the puzzle. In the Owl Puzzle, you may receive 1 to 3 Enigma Gyrum, and in the Archarbor Puzzle, you may obtain 5 Enigma Gyrum.

This is all for how to get Enigma Gyurm in Warframe for more similar content do check our Warframe guides section.

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