How To Level Up Faster in Demon Souls Guide

If you looking for a guide to know how you can level up faster in Demon Souls. Well, don’t worry here in this guide how you can do so without having much hassle. The Demon Souls is one of the popular games of FromSoftware of the company such as Elden Ring, Sekiro and more.

The player who is already familiar with the FromSoftware already knows about the massive castle, hard-to-defeat bosses, powerful weapons and more. Does levelling up in Demon Souls not easy? Don’t worry we got you covered.

How To Level Up Faster in Demon Souls?

As the Beginner in Demon Souls, you need to defeat the first boss of the game the Phalanx.

DemonsSouls Phalanx
Demon Souls Phalanx

Mostly the player interacts with this boss in the game in the early stage and to get the souls you need to defeat this monster. Once you successfully defeat this boss in the game you need to interact with two NPCs Monumental and Maiden in Black.

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As the Demon Souls player you already know once you die in the game you lose everything and then again gather one by one. The best solution in the early game stage of Demon Souls is near the Shrine of Storms.

Gather lots of Arrows with you and head to the Ritual Path Archstone. In that game area, you will find the Repear that can hunt down with arrows because it drops a good amount of souls.

Once you defeat the Reaper enemy in the game you can head to the Nexus and simply create your own Soul bank and easily repeat this process until you get want to move in the game.

Demon Souls is available only PlayStation game console. Hopefully, you find this guide helpful to know how you can level up faster in Demon Souls. For more similar guides do check our Demons Souls guide section.

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