What Happens if You Killed Patches Elden Ring?

As a gamer or a user of Elden Ring, the term ‘Patches’ is known to you which is an NPC in the ELDEN RING which you can find in   ‘Murkwater Cave’ along, with the Murkwater River which is in Limgrave.

 There in the stage of Elden Ring, you will find a cave and after going through the cave that you just have to find you will be able to find a chamber along with the chest which is behind the campfire.

If anyhow you just want to try or mistakenly you just open the chest that you have seen, then the patches of the chest may accuse you and it may harm you by thinking that you are trying to steal. Then please stay calm there is nothing to worry about.

The patches are very slow in their action or you can say in the manner so you can easily dodge its action and you can plan your action too. And after planning a great survival plan from the patches you just have to hit more and more, the best you can.

If you can hit it from your best shot by around 40% out of 100% the patches will surrender themselves to you and you can easily win by getting a strong plan. And now it’s up to you how you will deal with the patches. You get afraid and lose your calm or you stay calm and be able to hit the patches around 40% or above to kill the patches easily.

If now you are at the point where you have killed the patches and have reached the point of Elden Ring that you have to make a choice and are worried about what you have done or what you have to do, then please be calm and relax.

We are here to help you as much as we can or you can say as much as possible to us. Here at the below, we have stated all our knowledge.

killed patches elden ring

Do you want to know that should you kill the patches or not? Then we are here to help you. Just one thing you have to do is just follow the few states given below:

If you have a quarry that you should kill the patches or not then we have a solution or you can say that we have an answer to your question. That is ‘NO’. you will get rewards but for a few times or moments.


You should not kill the patches in the game Elden Ring. If you kill the patches then you get many rewards, like a +7 spear and also a set which includes leather armour, which you may use to defend yourself and yo build a strong you. But trust me I can assure you that if you spear the patches and let it go then you will get much more rewards in the Elden Ring journey than this +7spear and leather armor.


If you spear the patches and just wait a while for surrendering by the patches, then you can be able for talking o the patches. Then you have two dialogues OR options in your hand to ask to survive in the Elden Ring.

The two options are: 

The first one is


And the second or you can say the last one is


After asking for these two options the patches will be friendly NPC to you. And if you wish to attack it again then you have only three chances to attack.

Remember you have to return to the Murkwater Cave. so if you spear the patches and don’t kill them then it will be friendly and it will become a merchant to help you to return to the Murkwater Cave in the journey of the Elden Ring game.

Finally, if you get able to reach your journey to the Volcano Manor then you will get exciting or you can say the best reward in the whole journey of Elden Ring game. like the set of bull and goat armour if you can complete or can give the appropriate answer to the questions they have asked the people.

So that’s all from us, from the best knowledge we have. Please show us your love and affection by giving or providing your valuable feedback. Please state these steps or alternatives are working or not.

It will help us to improve ourselves, our skills and as well as our knowledge. We will be more able to support you to help you for your betterment to improve your skills, your knowledge as well as.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the killed patches Elden Ring with complete information.

What happens if you forgive patches Elden Ring?

Patches urges you to return, whether you forgive him or not, and you may find him in his lair near Murkwater Cave. There is a new chest there, about which you might inquire. When you open the chest, you’ll find a trap placed by Patches that teleports you to Mistwood Ruins.

What happens if you kill an NPC Elden Ring?

If you kill him before finishing his questline, the game will lock you out of his quest, which leads to the game’s best farming method. If you wish to finish his quest, you’ll have to start a new game. Elden Ring allows for many characters and saves. If you kill the wrong NPC, you can restart the game.

Can I revive patches Elden Ring?

It’s a necessary tool for defeating Margit, the fallen Omen. Patches cannot be revived with celestial dew once he has been killed. If you kill him, you’ll lose his entire questline as well.

Is Patches worth keeping alive?

Patches should be kept alive as long as possible in Elden Ring. Patches will appear to turn over a new leaf if you spare him. By starting a shop, he’ll be able to assist the player. He sells a lot of consumables, including Margit’s Shackle and a Stonesword Key.

What to do if you killed Patches?

Patches cannot be resurrected if he is killed. There is no way to bring him back to life. Celestial Dew, a consumable item that can resurrect deceased NPCs, isn’t compatible with Patches. The only options are to reload an existing save or create a new character.

This is end of this short guide.

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