How To Get & Use Cerulean Hidden Tear in the Elden Ring?

The Cerulean Hidden Tears are categorized as crystal tears. In the Elden Ring, Crystal Tears are mixed in the Flask of Wondrous Physick. When two Crystal Tears are combined they will give special effects like restoring FP, restoring HP, and increasing the damage of the explosion.

What is Cerulean Hidden Tears in Elden Ring

The Cerulean Hidden Tear will restore your character’s FP in the Elden Ring. You can find Cerulean Hidden Tear in the East of the Road of Iniquity site of grace and it will be in ErdTree Avatar at Minor ErdTree.

When you collect the Cerulean Hidden Tear and mix it in Flask of Wondrous Physick, this will generate an effect in that your FP consumables will be none for 15 seconds.

So if you don’t have Cerulean Hidden Tears, when you cast spells your FP stats bar will reach zero. If you don’t know where to find Cerulean Hidden Tears in Elden Ring follow this guide to know all about it.

Where To Obtain Cerulean Hidden Tears in the Elden Ring?

You can have Cerulean Hidden Tears dropped by Ulcerated Tree Spirit and it is in Minor ErdTree named location in East of the Road of Iniquity site of grace. Here we mentioned the path of Cerulean Hidden Tears and bosses from location Altus Plateau site of grace.

To get the Cerulean Hidden Tears you have to reach the tree-shaped images on the map just above the volcano manor. First, reach the Altus Plateau Site of Grace, and from that start your journey into the North side road.

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Cerulean Hidden Tear
Cerulean Hidden Tear

When you reach Militia Encampment then turn west. Now you have to cross the Militia Encampment and ignore all the ballista shots and you will end up at the ErdTree Gazing site of Graze.

From that location, you have to head to the North one more time. Also on that road, you can collect the Golden Seed. You have to head North till you can see a cliff road. Now take a cliff road and head up to North West, across the Wyndham Ruins. The users who head there for the first time have to face the Tibia Mariner boss.

When you reach the edge of the ruins you will see a Ravine. The Ravine is known as the Seethewater River. You have to head on the Ravine till fork.

Now from the fork, you have to take left and keep in mind that from the bottom, feet geysers will attack you and you have to avoid that. After crossing Ravine you will get to the Burnt Area. This area is known as Seethewater Terminus.

Climb the Seethewater Terminus and you will be at Fort Laiedd, from that location you have to turn west in the direction of lava. On that location enemies will be there also there is Magma Wyrm boss.

Now you have to cross the lava and you will end up at Cliff Road. Follow the road and you will reach Rock Arch. In this area, you have to ignore Runebear Ambush.

Take right from the Rock Arch and you will reach Craftsman’s Shack and here you can take a rest too. From that cross the Hermit Village and follow the rock in the North direction there you will encounter Demi-Human Queen Maggie.

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Beat the boss and head toward left and you will be at Primeval Sorcerer Azur Site of Grace. Now follow your journey in a North direction from that and jump from the Rock and you have to reach Watchtower.

From the Watchtower go in the west direction, jump from the rock again and you will be at Abandoned Militia Camp. In that location, there will be a ladder. There will be enemies that attack you to drag you down you have to be aware of that.

You have to climb that stair and you will be at the top of the camp. When you reach the top head up directly west and there will be a wooden bridge. you have to take that bridge and reach the Ninth Mt.Glemir Campsite.

Now on the right side, you have to take the Airstream that leads you to the top of a cliff. There will be Fallingstar Beast. Also on the top of the cliff rock when you jump on the other side you will find a volcano manor in the south direction.

You don’t have to reach the Manor, follow your journey in the west till you find a way to the bottom of the hill. You have to take the way to the bottom and follow the south direction from there you will find the Map Fragment of Mt.Glemir. There you find a place called Road Of Iniquity. Your Site of Grace journey will end at this point.

Take an east direction from the site of grace and a boss is waiting for you. There will be a boss fight arena and Minor Tree. Reach there and battle with Ulcerated Tree Spirit.

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A portal will open and in no time the Ulcerated Tree falls on the arena. Battle with the boss and kill the boss and as a reward, you will have Cerulean Hidden Tear and a Leaden Hardtear.

How To Use the Cerulean Hidden Tears in the Elden Ring?

Once you get the Cerulean Hidden Tears and any other Crystal Tears you can mix them in Flask of Wondrous Physick. You can have Flask of Wondrous Physick from Third Church of Marika also you can purchase it from Twin Maiden’s Husk Merchant.

Follow these steps to use the Cerulean Hidden Tears.

  1. Take a rest at the site of Grace and find a Mix Wondrous Physick from the menu click on that.
  2. Now you can select any two Crystal Tears and mix them up. And it will create an Elixir.
  3. After creating an Elixir, you can use it like Healing Flusk, which you can access from the shortcut menu or the inventory menu.

How To Make the Best Wondrous Physick with Cerulean Hidden Tears?

To get optimum benefits from Cerulean Hidden Tears in Elden Ring you can mix it with Faith or Intelligence. Mixing it with faith and intelligence you can increase your character’s FP stat.

When you mix Cerulean Hidden Tears and Intelligence Knot Crystal Tears you can have the Spellcaster and when you mix it with Faith Knot Crystal Tears you can have the Incantation.


You can have the Cerulean Hidden Tears by defeating Ulcerated Tree Spirit at the Minor ErdTree location. You can mix it with other Crystal Tears in Flask of Wondrous Physick in Elden Ring and have a new potion. The new potion will help you get infinite FP for 15 seconds.