How to Make a Tree in Little Alchemy 2

A tree is one of the very essential items needed in Little Alchemy 2. Little Alchemy 2 requires that you get to a specific stage of Little Alchemy 2 before being able to create an element in a specific way.

The process of making a tree is relatively quick for casual players since they already have a lot of valuable elements in the game’s inventory.

This guide will help you make trees quickly as possible in Little Alchemy 2, as well as additional elements. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step process for making a Tree. Also, we will give you some item combinations using the tree from Little Alchemy 2, as a bonus.

How to Make a Tree in Little Alchemy 2
How to Make a Tree in Little Alchemy 2

How to make a plant in Little Alchemy 2?

The tree is one of the core items, and you will probably want to get one made as soon as possible. In this game, you will frequently create larger elements out of smaller ones.

Either doubling up on an individual element or combining one of the four base elements into a larger element. It takes some time to create Trees because of many mixtures that are needed to make them using various items.

To make a tree, you need a plant element, which you can mix with the “Big” element.In this case, because trees are plants, you begin by using the Plant element.

But remember that, these item combinations require that you already make some progress with Little Alchemy 2 and collect lots of tricky Animals, plant, and tool-related items. To make a plant, you need the various combinations, which are given as follows:

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How To Make Tree In Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2, is about making things out of other things, and about joining materials together in a unique way, thus discovering new ingredients and elements.

In order to get tree in Little Alchemy 2, you need to make the Big element which is one of the trickiest elements to create in Little Alchemy 2. To make it, all you need to do is to mix different items and you will easily make a Tree. You will see below each of the steps for making Trees out of some basic items.

  1. Water + Water mix to form a Puddle.
  2. Puddle + Puddle mix to form a Pond.
  3. Pond + Pond mix to form Lake.
  4. Lake + Lake mixes to form Sea.
  5. Earth + Sea mixes to form Primordial Soup.
  6. Fire + Fire mixes to form Energy.
  7. Energy + Primordial Soup mix to form Life.
  8. Life + Earth mixes to form Soil & Animals.
  9. Soil + Life mixes to form Plant.
  10. Earth + Earth mixes to form Land
  11. Land + Land mix to form Continent
  12. Continent + Continent mix to form Planet
  13. Planet + Fire mix to form Sun
  14. Planet + Sun mix to form Solar System
  15. Solar System + Solar System mix to form Galaxy
  16. Galaxy + Galaxy mix to form Galaxy Cluster
  17. Galaxy Cluster + Galaxy Cluster mix to form the Universe
  18. Earth + Water mix to form Mud
  19. Air + Air mix to form Pressure
  20. Pressure + Earth mix to form Stone
  21. Air + Planet mix to form the Atmosphere
  22. Water + Atmosphere mix to form Cloud.
  23. Mud + Stone mix to form Clay
  24. Clay + Life mix to form Human
  25. Human + Stone mix to form Tool.
  26. Stone + Air mixes to form Sand
  27. Sand + Fire mix to form Glass
  28. Sun + Energy mix to form Solar Cell
  29. Solar Cell + Sun mixes to form Electricity
  30. Glass + Electricity mix to form Light Bulb
  31. Human + Lightbulb mix to form Idea
  32. Human + Idea mixes to form Philosophy
  33. Philosophy + Planet mix to form Big.
  34. Big + Plant mix to form Tree
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make a tree in little alchemy two
How to Make a Tree in Little Alchemy 2

Now that you have acquired both of the materials needed to create your very first Tree in Little Alchemy 2, you just have to combine the Big Element with Plant in order for it to transform into a tree.

What are the other ways to make a Tree?

In an alternative mode, and so that you can go ahead in Little Alchemy 2 but cannot recall making a tree, you can also combine the plant in either Time or with Wood to make the plant into a tree.

There is one more way to make a tree, which is by combining the nest with the container element. The above combinations can be expressed as:

When a Plant combines with Time, it will give you Tree.
•When a Plant combines with Wood, it will give you Tree.
•When a Nest combines with Container, it will give you Tree.

Where you can use the Tree in Little Alchemy 2?

You can use the tree element in Little Alchemy 2 to produce the given elements:

  • Oxygen: Trees when combined with Carbon dioxide gives oxygen, which is necessary for life.
  • Swamp: Trees mixed with Lake can help to purify water and make swamps more habitable.
  • Palm: Palms can be used for making furniture. It can be made by combining Tree and Beach.
  • Forest: A forest is a combination of trees and plants.
  • Leaf: Leaves are a key part of a tree’s anatomy, and are made by mixing tree with wind.
  • Fruit: Trees and flower produce fruit, which can be eaten or used in other recipes.
  • Sap: Trees mixed with blades & produce sap that can be used to make syrup or other products.
  • Nest: Birds build nests in trees and it can be made by mixing tree with eggs.
  • Wood: Trees and axe provide wood, which can be used for building or making other objects.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What can you make with big in Little Alchemy 2?

Big is a crucial component in Little Alchemy 2. It is necessary to produce elements like the ocean, planets, and even continents. It may enlarge little objects, as the name implies. You can transform stones into hills and earth into mountains by using Big.

How to make a tree in little alchemy 2?

Since a plant makes up a tree, a plant requires a variety of other elements in order to flourish on the soil. In Little Alchemy 2, the tree is created by combining one major element and four fundamental components. The Plant element and the Big element can also be combined to create a tree.

What is the difference between Little alchemy 1 and 2?

Little Alchemy 2 is the second installment of the Little Alchemy video game series. This updated version surpasses the original edition in style because to its additional features and facilities. You can play this game as a creator or god using the elements in the second edition.

What is the best way to progress in Little alchemy 2?

You must advance in “Little Alchemy 2” from the earliest and tiniest elements to later and larger elements. Since trees are plants in this instance, you begin with the Plant element.

How do you make a sea and plant in Little alchemy 2?

In Little Alchemy 2, you can create a sea by combining water with water to create a puddle, water with water to create a pond, and water with water to create a lake. You can create a Lake and then add it to another Lake to create a Sea. Making the Primordial Soup is the second step in the process of creating a plant.

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