What Happen To Taylordle Game? Why it’s Discontinued

The Taylordle Game website has undergone the following changes, which is why it is being referred to the Lilith Fund.

There are numerous variations of the well-known Wordle games, each with a special approach to the game. Taylordle, a game that is plainly based on Taylor Swift, is one of the games that have materialized.

Similar to the original Wordle, this game’s rules require players to correctly identify the five-letter word in no more than six tries and without any prior information. Only the fact that Taylordle’s statements somehow pertain to Taylor Swift distinguishes it from the other games.

With Wordle, you may pretty much use any 5-letter American English word to guess the answer, but with Taylordle, there are several terms that are excluded from the word pool, so your options are fairly limited.

How did the Taylordle Game turn out?

Since a few days ago, you can no longer access the Taylordle game because the website now takes you to the Lilith Fund. This fund was established to provide assistance to Texas-based women who desire abortions but lack the financial resources to do so.

Taylordle Game

What relevance does this have to the Taylordle game then? By redirecting to this fund, the game’s creators hope to promote awareness of and support for Texas women’s reproductive rights.

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Taylor Swift tweeted the following in response to the legal reform granting women the freedom to have abortions:

“I’m so afraid that this is where we are, after all these years.”

The Taylordle game is currently unavailable to play, but at some point, it will be available again. The game’s owners have not specified when this will happen, though.

Once they become available once more, we will continue to give you the Taylordle words’ clues and solutions.

What is Taylordle Game?

Visit the website built by @holyswiftpod and you can access the game on taylordle.com until now. You get six chances to correctly guess the word of the day, just like Wordle. There isn’t music to listen to, thus it’s not a song-guessing game.

Since every word in this game is related to the Swiftie universe, it will put your knowledge to the test as a fan.

Taylor Swift-related terms can range in length from four to eight letters. The colours yellow, green, and grey will provide you with indications for your subsequent guesses when you make one.

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Yellow indicates that the letter is in the word but is in the wrong place, whereas green indicates that it is in the proper place. Gray indicates that the letter is completely absent from the word.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Taylordle Game with complete information.

What is Taylordle game is all about?

The Holy Swift, a podcast presented by Kelly Broyles, Jessica Zaleski, and Krista Doyle which it analyses Taylor Swift’s discography song-by-song, has created a word game called Taylordle. On January 28, The Holy Swift account tweeted, “Calling all Swifties who Wordle.” “The Swiftie world is made up of all the words!”

What is the Answer of Taylordle May 31?

What is the meaning of yellow on Swiftle?

The colours of yellow, green, and grey will provide you with indications for your subsequent guesses when you make one. Green indicates that it is in the appropriate location, whereas yellow indicates that it is in the incorrect location within the word.

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