How To Skip Dr Dre’s Cutscenes?

GTA Online allows players to participate in missions to earn rewards and cash. These missions come with cutscenes that can be annoying for some players. Cutscenes can get long and annoying sometimes.

With the constant GTA Online updates, players can skip some cutscenes. However, cutscenes like Dr. Dre’s mission need to be more skippable. However, there are a few workarounds that will make it possible. 

In this article, I have mentioned possible ways to skip the 5-minute-long Dr. Dre cutscene in GTA Online. 

How to Skip Dre’s Studio Time Cutscene

Skip Dr Dres Cutscenes
how to skip dr dre cutscenes

The lovely 5-minute cutscene can be skipped by switching between existing crews in the social club menu. After loading into sessions, it will force the player to complete character selection and the final mission. This workaround will only work if you have completed the Studio Time mission at least once. 

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You can save another 20 seconds by setting up an alternate character that carries out the final mission at an optimal agency location. You can only skip cutscenes at the end of the studio time mission. 

How do you skip 24 hours in GTA V?

You can skip 24 hours in two ways in GTA 5. You can skip sleeping by going to bed and “Sleep.” The amount of time passes depends on the character you are playing:

  • Trevor: 3 hours
  • Michael: 4 hours
  • Franklin: 6 hours

The other way to skip 24 hours is by getting arrested or dying. You will be respawned at a police station or hospital, respectively.