How To Sheath Weapon in Elden Ring

Sheath weapons are long and thin, and lightweight belts that are on the belts of players. In Elden Ring, sheath weapons have two categories: one-handed sheath weapons and both-handed sheath weapons.

Users can choose any of the options as per their preferences. In Elden Ring, the Sheath Weapons are extremely beneficial due to their light weight and accuracy.

As they are lightweight you can sprint and attack or sprint and back with ease. Your stamina won’t be wasted while lifting sheath weapons in the Elden Ring.

If you are quick enough to dodge an enemy’s attack and attack them back then you should give a chance to sheath weapons in the Elden Ring. In Elden Ring sheath weapons have a close range so if you don’t play strategically then enemies may knock you out.

Where To Find Sheath Weapon in the Elden Ring?

In the Elden Ring sheath weapon is not a rare item. You can find it in various random places in the Elden open world. Also if you have enough runes you can purchase them from vendors, rewards from quests, and by defeating enemies.

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How To Sheath Weapon in the Elden Ring?

Once you have a sheath weapon you have to place it in the inventory.

  • Open the inventory
  • Click on the weapons tab
  • Place the weapon in one of the slots there

Now you have access to sheath weapons by sheathe weapon click a button. After this, you will be able to select the weapons and sheath weapons. Then your selected weapon will be saved in your character belt.

How Can I Sheath Weapon in the Elden Ring?

Below we mentioned a guide based on different gaming devices to sheath their weapon in Elden Ring.

Sheath Your Weapon on Windows PC

For Windows PC, you have to press the “X” key and for the left hand click the left side and for the right-hand side click on the right side.

Sheath Your Weapon on PlayStation Console

For PS4 and PS5 consoles, you have to press the triangle button on the controller, and then for the left-hand side press L1 and right-hand side press R1.

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To Sheath Your Weapon on an Xbox Console

For Xbox consoles, you have to press the Y button on the controller, for left-hand side movement you have to press LB, and for the right-hand side, you have to press the RB.

It’s kind of complicated at first but once you get a grip on these buttons it will be easy to sheath weapons.

From this trick, you can even try your off-hand to sheath.

How To Hold the Weapons offhand in Elden Ring?

  1. Open your equipment menu
  2. Clear all the right-hand weapons
  3. Now sheathe your right-hand weapon into your off-hand.

No matter what device you are using, the steps will be the same. This method applies to all kinds of weapons such as swords, shields, staff, or clubs.

To sheath your weapon place your weapon in an equipment slot and it will be available in your character’s pocket. You will be able to sheath on PC by pressing the X key and left and right click for left and right-hand side movement.

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For PlayStation, you have to hold the triangle button and press L1 for the left side and R1 for the right side. For the Xbox console, you have to press the Y key, and for left-hand side movement press LB and for right-hand side movement press RB.

This is sum up for this guide for more similar content such as how to get a winged scythe and more do refer to our Elden Ring guide panel.