How To Get Winged Scythe in Elden Ring

If you ask Elden Ring players about the best faith weapon that ever existed on the Elden ring probably 90% will say it’s a winged scythe.

Winged scythe falls into the reaper category in Elden Ring. The weapon under the Reaper category has higher range and slash attacks of scythe cover long range. Due to winged scythe weapon skill, angels wing one hit on bosses from a good distance can shock them.

You can also scale winged scythe with faith, dexterity, and strength. It’s one of the finest weapons for dealing and protecting against holy damages. It is only lacking back during physical damage.

A weapon is elite but there is something you might want to be aware is you cannot buff it with magic or any other types of consumables. Further scythe won’t fuse with the ashes of war.

If you don’t have a winged scythe in Elden Ring and want to find the winged scythe go through the article to find its exact location of it.

Where can I find the Winged Scythe on Elden Ring?

In the weeping peninsula, there is a place called the Fourth Church of Marika. You have to head there first then go to the north of that till you find a wall. Now, follow the wall and head towards the east. Now cross the weeping Evergaol to the Tombsward ruins.

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Winged Scythe location
image credit to Kibbles Gaming

You have to reach the center of Tombsward Ruins. In Tombsward Ruins, a player needs to open the chest. Some enemies will be there to guard you, you have to kill them.

When you reach there you can see a staircase which heads underground. Take the stairs, the stairs will lead you to the dark hall. As you reach the hall there will be Trina’s Lily. You have to keep moving forward till you find the end of the hall.

When you reach there, the door will be there on end. The door is protected by Paige’s enemies you don’t need to fight them to cross the door. You can simply avoid them.

But if you do so there is nothing harm, you won’t waste any stamina of characters and when you access it will make your work easy to get the winged scythe Elden Ring.

Now you have to open that door. As you open the door there is a treasure waiting for you in that there is a Winged Scythe.

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Elden Ring Winged Scythe
image credit to Kibbles Gaming

What thing should you know about the Winged Scythe in Elden Ring?

  • Scythe skill: angels’ wing
  • Scythe cant be fused with Ashes of war
  • Not buffed with any types of magic and consumables
  • Scythe can be upgraded by Somber Smithing stone
  • Blood loss buildup: 55
  • Sell values 500 runes

To wield a winged scythe you will need 16 strengths, 16 Dexterity, and 24 faith. The reason the winged scythe is popular amongst users is its long range and when it strikes upon enemies the visuals of it are amazing.

You have to follow the direction to Tombswards Ruins, in the center, there is the underground way. Reach the hall open the door and you will have a winged scythe in Elden’s ring. There will be some enemies on the path but there is no danger.

You can easily defeat them. Then after there is something you should know about the winged scythe in Elden Ring its skill is angle’s wing, sell value is 500 runes. Also, it cannot be buffed with magic and other consumables.

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