How To Sprint in Elden Ring? Explained

How to sprint in Elden RIng? You don’t need any lighting strike like Barry Allen to become Flash. When you enable sprint in Elden ring you won’t be teleported from one place to another. You just will be moving forward with some boost.

That’s not the only thing you can do with Sprint in Elden Ring. You can ignore your surroundings and move forward at a higher pace. This means you can avoid traps, bosses, and other activities that delay you.

Also, many users might think we can use Torrent, yes you can use torrent, a summonable horse ride when you are moving from one land to another land. When you are in narrow places like forts and churches you won’t be able to ride Torrent and move forward after a point.

You have to keep your journey by walking or sprinting. The Sprint in Elden ring not only help you with running, but while fighting with enemies, you can move away from them.

How to run fast in the Elden ring?

As we mentioned you won’t require any lighting strike, you can run fast in Elden ring with the use of your console’s controls. The Elden ring is available on Ps4, PS5, Xbox, and pcs. For all that devices as per the function of the device, you can acquire fast speed.

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As you run fast you may notice the stamina bar is reducing. So if you don’t have enough stamina to run then it might be slow. You can also regain stamina with a couple of minutes rest.

The other thing that will affect your speed is the weight you are carrying. If your weight is heavy you won’t be able to run fast and vice versa. In case a load is more than 100% then you won’t be able to move fast at all.

How can I sprint in the Elden Ring?

On different devices there will be different controls, let’s discuss how to sprint in an Elden Ring. For Playstation 4 and 5, you can press and hold the Circle button, for Xbox consoles you have to press and hold the B button, and for Windows PC you have to press the Spacebar.

This might not work on your device if the character is not running. As the character is running/walking you have to press your respective keys.

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Let’s discuss in detail about every device.

How do you sprint in an Elden Ring on PS4 and PS5?

While your character is running in an Elden ring you have to press and hold the circle button on your PlayStation console.

The thing with controllers is, if you won’t give him any direction to face your character will move backward. If you direct your controller to the left side and then press the circle button you will be able to dodge and roll on the left side.

How do you sprint in an Elden Ring on PC?

If you are a pc user then you have to press the space for sprint, dodge, and roll. The conditions will be the same as the PlayStation.

When you press the spacebar and do not give any direction it will take a backstep and if you give direction the character will dodge and roll.

The pc users can select the different keys for different movements like a sprint, backstep, dodge, and roll. with the controller, you can re-assign the keys.

How to sprint in an Elden Ring on Xbox?

The Xbox users have to press the B button to sprint. The sprint can help you to win a crucial battle.

Why do you need to use sprint in the Elden ring?

The sprint not only gives access to run fast in the Elden ring. But when you are in battle, you can use these respective keys and step aside from the enemies/bosses. After that, you can aim for the weak points of enemies and knock them down.

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The other thing you need to know about this move is that when you use these skills your stamina will reduce. If you are running then it’s okay you can regain stamina after rest.

But on the battlefield, it might make things complicated for you. You can use the sprint while moving forward in narrow ways. Other than that you can use Torrent.


You can use the sprint on PlayStation consoles by pressing the circle button. With the tap on the circle button, you can backstep. For pc users, you have to press the spacebar and for Xbox consoles, you have to press the b key.

Also, you can re-assign the keys as suits fit you. The stamina will reduce as you use the sprint. You can regain it as you take a rest but on battle files, you won’t get that chance.

This is sum up for this short guide for more similar content such as What is Poise stat or how to drop items and more do refer to our Elden Ring guides.