Guide To Unlock Pugnala Provola Vampire Survivors (2022)

In Vampire Survivors there is a popular character known as Pungala Provala. It has 2 extraordinary spears: Phiera Der Tuphello & Eight The Sparrow. If the players want to use Pungala in their game they have to find out and open the coffin in the Mad forest which the supposed to be the first level of the game.

Here we are going to share with you how to unlock Pungala Provala in Vampire Survivors if you are facing issues in finding out the Mad Forest coffin in Vampire Survivors.

How To Discover & Open The Coffin In The Mad Forest In Vampire Survivors

You need to unlock Pungala Provala must set their focus on getting the Milky Way Map in Vampire Survivors. After collecting that Relic the players will be allowed to get access to a pause menu map.

This is to inform you that this gameplay feature is the primary key to uncovering the coffin in the Mad Forest. If the players want to earn the pause menu map they have to go to the Diary Plant stage.

You will be able to unlock this Dairy Plant stage while you will reach Level 40 in the Inlaid Library. You have to travel in the direction that is shown by the green arrow at the end of the screen.

The players are allowed to go to the Mad Forest Of the Vampire Survivor having the Milky Way map in their hand. They will be able to access the pause menu while the will press ESC on a keyboard or the option or menu button on a controller. You will be able to find the map to be prominently featured at the center of this menu.

pugnala provola vampire survivors

You will be able to see a question mark on it. This is the giving clues about the position of the coffin. The player hit the Show Guides button that is given at the bottom right corner of the menu option will then add the arrows to the edges of the display screen. The players will be able to use the arrows for navigating to the coffin without any difficulty.

As soon as the players will move toward the Mad Forest coffin, they will find a ring of for to come out. You must keep in mind that you have to kill all the enemies before opening the coffin. But these are not at all the most complicated enemies in the game.

They must have an adequate amount of health. The players will not be able to reach through the opponents if they do not spend a little time leveling up and blocking weapon transitions in the game.

As soon as the players will be successful in killing all the enemies that encircled the Mad Forest coffin, they will be allowed to move toward the thing.

In this way, Pungala will try to appear from the box. Then the players have to make use of gold if they want to uncover her from the character select screen. The players will be then able to test out the character. There are indeed a lot of unlocks in Vampire Survivors for the surviving with her.

Uncover Pungala In Vampire Survivors

The players will be able to uncover Pungala for buy by locating and unlocking her casket in the Mad Forest. You will be able to buy her for 1000.

Passive Bonuses

Pungala is supposed to get +1% Might in each level. You will find no cap on this dividend. She is also able to start with a +20% Movement Speed.


  • Pungala can get a little amount of bonus at the beginning of the game. Considering her passive skill she will be a little behind Antonio until you will be able to reach level 51. In this respect, she is supposed to be better as she can gain Might more incrementally and also able to get an advantage from the higher bonus between 10 level gap Antonio.
  • There is no call on her bonus. This means most of the projectiles will partly catch up to enemy health at the time of scaling from leveling up.
  • Revivals decide Phieraggi’s Base Damage and Amount. That is why +3 Revival from Awake 4 will be very much profitable.


  • Pungala is an Italian word that means he or she stabs or a command for someone to stab.
  • Provala, the clear term is supposed to be provolone. It is a kind of cheese.
  • Pungala is supposed to be the first character which is armed with two starting projectiles.
  • There are a lot of features in Pungala which are quite similar to other coffin characters in the game.
  • The design of Pungala has got inspiration from Bayonetta which is supposed to be the party character of the Bayonetta series.
  • This character owns two pairs of guns that can fire in four directions. Seeing the guns of Bayonetta, Pungala tries to have her weapons in her hands and on her heels. You will be able to see the name of Bayonetta to be referred to the knife that is affixed with the rifle used to cut.

FAQ On Pungala Provala in Vampire Survivor

What is the coffin in Vampire Survivor?

The coffin is supposed to be the box where Pungala Provala might be seen. The coffin is encircled by a lot of enemies. The payers have to fight to be able to reach the coffin.

Where will I find the coffins in Vampire Survivor?

The best way to find the coffins in the different locations of Vampire Survivors is to uncover the map of the game. You will be able to get access by pausing the game.

Indeed, Vampire Survivor is an interesting game to play. For unlocking Pungala Provala Vampire Survivors you have to follow the simple tricks that have been mentioned in the article. This article will help you to have a great experience while you will play the game.

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