How To Unlock Pugnala Provola in the Vampire Survivors

Pugnala Provola is one of the most powerful payable characters in the Vampire Survivors. If you looking for a guide to know how you can unlock Pugnala Provola in VS then you’re on the correct platform.

Here we featured information that covers how players can unlock Pugnala Provola without having much hassle. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

pugnala provola vampire survivors

How To Unlock Pugnala Provola in Vampire Survivors?

To unlock Pugnala Provola in Vampire Survivors you need lots of firepowers or you can unlock her using the spells. This means there are two ways from which you can unlock Pugnala Provola and here we explain both methods.

Unlocking Pugnala Provola without Spell

You will find the Pugnala Provola in the Mad Forest in the large coffin Once you reach the coffin it will be covered with the massive number of enemies in the circle and in order to unlock the coffin you need to defeat all the enemies that sound it the coffin.

unlocking Pugnala Provola

Once you defeat all the enemies you can easily able to unlock the coffin to unlock the Pugnala Provola. More importantly, to add Pugnala Provola to your roster permanently you need to spend 1000 gold units.

how to unlock Pugnala Provola

Well finding the Pugnala Provola coffin is the easiest part of this challenge however defeating all the enemies that surround it can be difficult. We recommend you use the power weapons combination.

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Pugnala Provola unlock
pugnala provola vampire survivors

So once you locked the map look for the (?) in the map and where you find the Coffin but do not visit the area until you don’t have enough firepower to defeat all the enemies.

Unlocking Pugnala Provola with Spell

You can also unlock the Pugnala Provola using the spell for this you need to have the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane this spell and most importantly this spell only be cast with the Bayonetta. This spell is called flymetothemoon basically it’s a song that is used in the game.

This is the end of the Pugnala Provola unlocking guide for more helpful content do read our Vampire Survivors Guides.

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