How To Skip Cutscenes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Most players will agree that cutscenes in Pokemon are not always fun to look at. But to fans’ surprise, Game Freak’s makers have finally added the option of skipping the unwanted cutscenes from the game, allowing players to move forward into the game easily.

For some time now, players have been waiting for this feature to be added back from 2013 when Pokemon X and Y came out.

Some people may like to watch it, but not everyone has the same patience to sit through the game waiting for the lengthy cutscenes to end.

In this guide below, I will tell you how to skip cutscenes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so those who want to speed-run the game don’t have to wait any longer.

How to skip unwanted cutscenes in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

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Image via Game Freak

To skip the scenes:

  1. Go to the settings menu. You can open the menu by pressing X.
  2. In the menu, search for the option that says skip cutscene.
  3. Click the option to turn it on, as default by the system turns the option off.
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We still don’t know if this applies to all the cutscenes until the end of the game, as no one has finished the entire game with this option turned on, so you will have to see this for yourself.

Most important scenes are always presented through the unvoiced dialogue, so turning on this option of skipping won’t harm you, especially if you find the cutscenes lengthy and time-wasting.

Scenes presented to players via unvoiced dialogue cannot be skipped, though.

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