How to Skip Cutscenes in Shindo Life?

Spins are an important part of the game Shindo Life, as they will help you get things you want. Mostly, spins are used by the players to obtain bloodlines because the chances of getting the rarest bloodline in Shindo Life are very thin, so for this purpose, you will need a lot of slims.

You have to sit through every animation and cut scene to get spins, but in this guide below, I will tell you how to skip cutscenes in Shindo life.

How To Skip the Spin Animation in Roblox Shindo Life?

Shindo Life Roblox
Image via Twitter (RELLGames) / Roblox

As we mentioned in the guide above, players need to acquire a lot of spins to get the rarest bloodline in the game.

Whenever players use the spins, they have to watch animations and cutscenes, which makes the game very lengthy, and players also get bored by watching it every time they use the spin.

Follow the steps below if you want to skip cutscenes in Shindo life faster: 

  • Go to the games menu page, but do not start the game yet.
  • Select the option of the game pass “Spin Storage.” You will find this option when you scroll down the menu option.
  • Once you purchase the game pass, you will be able to skip through all the cutscenes and animations in the Shindo Life game and also get an opportunity to store almost 1000 spins and get x2 spins and a lot of other useful free rewards.
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It is up to you to purchase the game pass to skip through the animation, as it is the only option to easily get past the cutscenes.

We can now only hope for the game developers to add the feature of skipping animation without players having to use any real money. For more similar guides do check our Roblox guide section.

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