Hogwarts Legacy: How to Defeat The Absconder?

The Absconder is a high-level Hogwarts Legacy boss that you can only take down quickly if you are powerful, so you need to be prepared and have the right strategy, and only then will it be possible to beat the boss. You will also need to learn the attacks. 

In this article, I have created the best guide for you to follow to defeat the Absconder, a powerful boss. I have created the perfect spell combinations for you, so use them correctly, and you will surely succeed.

Location of Absconder in Hogwarts Legacy

absconder encounter
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To encounter the Absconder in Hogwarts Legacy you need to travel to the Aranshire Hamlet that was located at Hogwarts Castle. The above map shows the correct location of the Absconder.

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How to Beat the Absconder in Hogwarts Legacy

absconder weakness
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Beating the absconder is part of the quest where you must retrieve the locket of a shopkeeper’s deceased friend who thought he could take the fanged creatures. You have to follow the field guide deep into the spider tunnels of the Forbidden Forest, and eventually, you will come across the biggest arachnid.

The best spells you will need to beat the Absconder

The best spells you need to have in easy reach before you go out on this quest are the following:

  • Glacius 
  • Confringo 
  • Expelliarmus 
  • Incendio 

Here is what these spells will do

  • The use of Expelliarmus will help to increase the damage to deal with the monster 
  • Glacius will help to slow it down a bit.
  • After repeated use, Confringo and Incedio are fire spells that will cause good damage.

Best Strategy to Beat Absconder 

Dodging or dealing with the damage is the best way to stay longer in the fight and win. The best way to deal with the damage is to consistently use the Ancient Magic attacks to keep your combo high.

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The indicator above your head will indicate that you should do three rolls to dodge when it does successive lunges and a final, more powerful lunge a second or two later.

The Absconder will regularly summon other spiders to join the fight. Keep a few alive during your battle. Block their attacks with Difendo.

That’s all on how you can beat the Absconder in Hogwarts legacy. Ensure to be focused on the fight and be patient to succeed. And if you use this article as a guide, you won’t need to be at a higher level to win this Battle.

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