How To Tame a Baryonyx in Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved, where you’ll encounter the fantastic Baryonyx – a powerful dinosaur ruling the swamps and rivers! This incredible creature is a master of both land and water combat, making it a prized companion for any adventurer. Taming a Baryonyx might give you a run for your money, but trust us, the reward is totally worth it!

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Step 1: Hunt It Down

Seek out the Baryonyx in the swamps and rivers of The Island, Ragnarok, The Center maps, or the tricky Aberration map.

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Step 2: Suit Up

Arm yourself with a tranquilizer weapon, narcotics, and delicious food like regular kibble or raw prime fish meat.

Step 3: Set the Trap

Craft a clever trap using stone foundations and doorframes to lure the Baryonyx in and set your plan in motion.

Step 4: Sweet Slumber

Use tranquilizer darts (more for higher-level ones) to knock out the Baryonyx once it’s in your trap.

Step 5: Keep it Full

While snoozing, feed your Baryonyx the yummy prepared food multiple times until it’s tamed.

Woohoo! Your loyal Baryonyx ark buddy is now ready to rock by your side on thrilling adventures! Prepare to conquer the wild with your formidable new companion

Benefits of Taming a Baryonyx 

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Fearsome Force

Brace yourself for the roar of raw power! Taming a Baryonyx rewards you with a true beast that dishes out incredible damage, turning any foe into a mere snack.

Jack of All Trades

Why settle for one battlefield when you can conquer both land and water? The versatile Baryonyx thrives in any environment, making it the ultimate combat companion.

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Aquatic Adventurer

Plunge into the depths with your new aquatic explorer! This dino is a pro swimmer, unlocking thrilling underwater adventures for you to embark upon.

Resource Guru

Need to haul precious resources? No problem! Your tamed Baryonyx makes resource transportation a breeze, lightening your load and increasing your efficiency.

Drawbacks of Taming a Baryonyx

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Gigantic Appetite

Taming this mighty creature demands ample resources, so stock up on tranquilizers and food to satisfy its hunger for taming success.

Aquatic Elusiveness

In certain areas, the Baryonyx can prove to be a challenging catch due to its semi-aquatic nature. Patience and strategy are your allies here.

Seek and You Shall Find

 The elusive Baryonyx is a rare sight, making its discovery a thrilling yet demanding quest. Gear up and prepare for the hunt of a lifetime!


Baryonyx is an extraordinary creature, packed with power and versatility, ready to be your ultimate ally in Ark Survival Evolved. Whether it’s dominating land and water combat, exploring underwater wonders, or efficiently transporting resources, this dino does it all!

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