Ark Survival Evolved Obsidian Locations Guide

Ark Survival is an action-adventure game. The game is packed with different resources. And Obsidian is one of the significant resources in the game. This resource looks like a shiny black rock that you can use for crafting many essential items in the game.

Obsidian is a vital resource you can craft several items like cameras, Cannon Balls, Chain bolas, Handcuffs, lances, Magnifying glasses, and many other valuable things to survive in the video game.

I have created a guide for finding this primary resource for Ark survival. I have also added the locations for the Obsidian in the Expansion Pack maps for you to farm and create essential items in the game. 

Ark Survival Evolved Obsidian Location Coordinates 

Ark Survival Evolved Obsidian Locations

Location #1

  • LAT 34
  • LON 84
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This is a mountainside location. You’ll find a lot of obsidian scattered around.

Location #2

  • LAT 35
  • LON 60 

These coordinates are on the mountaintop.

Location #3

  • LAT 42
  • LON 40

This is the volcano’s location.

Now that you know the coordinates for where to find obsidian, let’s look at where you can find it in the different expansion maps for Ark.

Obsidian Location in different Expansion Pack Maps in Ark Survival

Obsidian Location In Expansion Packs in Ark Survival 

Obsidian Location in Ark Ragnarok

Ark Ragnarok is the non-canonical DLC expansion of the game that is double the size of the Island. This map is full of resources. The best location to farm Obsidian is Ark Ragnarok you should go towards the map’s north, around the Redwood’s rocky shores. There are also volcano peaks and jungles on the map where you can find Obsidian.

Obsidian Location in Ark Genesis Part 2

It is the final paid expansion. You can find Obsidian in Ark Genesis Part 2, space, and the corrupted garden regions. You will have to look extensively because it is a rare resource on this map.

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Obsidian Location in Ark The Center

Most of the area on this expansion map is underwater. The best place to find the Obsidian nodes is Lava Island, which is in the center of the map. Obsidian nodes are also packed in the Volcano Islands.

Obsidian Location in Ark Valguero 

This is a massive map with a vast area. Obsidian is a rare resource on this map. The best place to look for it is in the Snow Biome or close to it.

Obsidian Locations in Ark Lost Island

Lost Island is also another free expansion for Ark Survival. Evolved features some new creatures and lost cities. The best locations to find Obsidian are the Snow Biome’s northeast side and the Volcano Biome’s southeast side. 

Obsidian Locations in Ark Fjordur

This expansion map also has all types of biomes. Obsidian is not rare on this map you can find plenty of. The best place to farm Obsidian is in the southeast corner of the map, next to the Volcano Sites.

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That’s all for the locations where you can find the Obsidian in Ark Survival Evolved, so you can go and farm it to create essential items in the game.