Megalosaurus Ark: Locations, Controls, Skills, Taming

Ark Megalosaurus is a nocturnal carnivore that dwells in the dark. It stays hidden during the day, but it hunts and chases its prey during the night. It is a creature that favours hunting in darkness and staying out for extended periods.

It has an extensive set of behaviours and hunting strategies that you should keep in mind when stalking your next meal. It is one of the predatory creatures in Ark Survival Evolved.

Ark Megalosaurus: Overview

The Megalosaurus is a nocturnal carnivore that can be found roaming near lakes and rivers. It’s an active hunting creature, so it will do its best to find prey in its territory. If you want to find the Ark Megalosaurus in Ark Survival Evolved, you would have to hunt it in the dark or at night. To hunt this carnivore creature, players should use UV lights or flares commonly found in their inventory. A pack animal maintains a territory with its pack and hunts in the dark.

It can’t jump like some other creatures. It can be tamed by players after killing all other members of its pack, then fed with raw meat. Ark Survival Evolved players usually feed their Megalosaurus raw meat for health and energy boosts.

This is also recommended when fighting another player’s Megalosaurus so that you don’t waste time taming it, which may take several hours or even days – or worse, lose it due to death or escape. It used its tail to help it balance while running fast or turning quickly, especially when chasing prey or outrunning predators.

Ark Megalosaurus hunted by using both sight and smell to find prey. Ark Megalosaurus comes with two abilities: Carnivore and Leech Blood.

Carnivore allows Ark Megalosaurus to receive an extra 50% of health after killing another creature, while Leech Blood doubles the healing benefits of drinking from blood pools. Megalosaurus is one of the best land hunters on the Ark because it has excellent stamina, agility, and speed.

Ark Megalosaurus Taming

How to Tame Megalosaurus?

The first step in taming Megalosaurus is to find him. There are three ways to find Megalosaurus: track him with a Dinosaur Tracker and follow the footprints he leaves behind; set off an Explorer Signal and wait for him to appear, or split up into groups of two or more people with 10+ tames and search for his footprints.

Once found, the player will need to get close enough for the Megalosauruses’ health bar to fill up before it decides whether or not it wants to be tamed. However, before getting too close, make sure you have plenty of food on you because once he starts. First, we need to gather enough raw meat to attract the Megalosaurus.

After doing so, use a Taming Ball and fire toward them with the crossbow. They will come closer to us after being shot at, and then we can hit them with a melee weapon or shoot them again. Repeat this process until they are tamed, and they will become our pets afterward, which can help hunt other creatures on ARK: Survival Evolved.

To Tame a Megalosaurus in Ark Survival Evolved, players will have first to find and kill the creature. Players are allowed to tame the Megalosaurus after it is killed. Players need to walk up the body of their fallen prey and press ‘E’ repeatedly.

Killing a Megalosaurus with a spear or using their tail can take up to 20 minutes, and players are faced with tediousness in this process. Usually, players need to collect specific materials before going into the taming process or killing some other dinos first for their meat and dino blood to feed the baby Megalosaurus during its early stages.

Some of the Ark Megalosaurus controls and abilities

1. Grab

Megalosaurus cannot only bite but also use its powerful muscular arms for grappling around trees, grabbing onto other creatures with them, or just dropping down on unsuspecting prey that might be below it from anywhere up to ten meters away.

Default Controls:

  • Right click (for PC)
  • LT (for Xbox)
  • L2 (for PS4)

If the Megalosaurus is holding on to a creature, it can begin to gnaw at it to deal damage to it.

Default Controls:

  • LMB (for PC)
  • RT (for Xbox)
  • R2 (for PS4)

2. Nocturnal Instincts

This creature’s stamina increases at night time. This allows Megalosaurus to keep up with the hunters hunting them and their stamina to recover faster than the hunters can kill them all. In turn, they can hunt the hunters down and steal their prey.

Shrug: Under being a nocturnal dino, Megalosaurus also has an acquired ability to shrug at any time – even while attacking a hunter or running away from one! This shrug will stun and immobilize nearby enemies within its range for some seconds.


The food that it eats in the game includes raw mutton, cooked prime meat, raw meat, and a lot more, such as: –

Superior Kibble

  • Raw Mutton
  • Cooked Lamb Chop
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Cooked Prime Meat
  • Raw Prime Fish Meat
  • Raw meat
  • Cooked Prime Fish Meat
  • Cooked Meat
  • Raw Fish Meat
  • Cooked Fish Meat

How to get the location in Ark Megalosaurus?

Ark Megalosaurus doesn’t spawn in the player’s starting location. It can be found in either forests or jungles. This section discusses where a great deal of the Ark Megalosaurus spawns, the colors associated with different spawn types, and some general pointers to locations around the map. A person can locate Ark Megalosaurus by finding them on the maps.

However, to find out the map location, one needs to explore the map because Ark Megalosaurus does not have a set location, and each spawn region could range from 132 sq km to 342 sq km. They prefer to shelter in lush forests, grasslands, and jungles.

Maps where the Megalosaurus spawns:

  • The Island
  • The Center
  • Scorched Earth
  • Ragnarok
  • Extinction

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Megalosaurus Ark with complete information.

Are Megalosaurus good in Ark?

While Megalosaurus is not the most powerful theropod, it is still highly sought after by night-raiders. Due to its nocturnal nature, Megalosaurus becomes much more formidable at night, dodging attacks, conserving stamina, and attacking more accurately, to name a few of its enhanced talents

What is a Megaloceros good for?

Megaloceros are preferred by tribes at times when it comes to scouting around or harvesting thatch from trees which are done efficiently with their antlers.

Is the Megaloceros worth taming?

It’s a decent mount, especially males can kill stuff with over 1k+ meele and they are very easy to tame with Dimorphodon kibbles. They are thatch monsters also. They are fast and have good weight, which won me over. I found that a high damage Ankylo beats the Megaloceros anytime at gathering thatch

This is the end of this short guide.

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