How To Tame a Horse in Dawnlands?

Dawnlands, an open-world action adventure game, takes place in a world created by players in which the most common mode of transportation is horses. They are an important part of exploration in the early game because direct teleporting to a region is forbidden unless it is first discovered.

Following the discovery of the first village and building of their own shelter, players get the mission of ‘mounting’ and ‘taming’ a horse. It requires careful tactics and two craftable materials to make a mare or stallion your travel buddy. Fortunately, the two materials are provided to the player the first time they try to saddle a horse.

Steps to tame a horse in Dawnlands?

Taming a horse in Dawnlands isn’t a complicated process. You will require a Saddle and Reins to successfully get a ferry while also using the Stealth option in the right manner. Reins is to capture a horse and Saddle is for mounting and making the tamed horse active at the Hitching Post.

  • Use the Stealth option before approaching a horse. The option can be found on the right-hand side along with the other action buttons.
  • Make sure to use Stealth while closing in on a herd to avoid startling them.
  • When near a horse, a prompt will show up. Click on the Tame option while playing on mobile or the F key if playing on PC.
  • The player will then successfully mount a horse but taming it will require winning a minigame. On the screen, two circles will pop up in different areas. Tap on it when both their reticles overlap.
  • While playing the game, a bar will appear on the top of the screen called the Tame meter. It will show the player’s progress in taming a horse. Continue touching the overlapping reticles till the bar is filled to the max.
  • Once completed, a message on the top of the screen will show Tame Success.
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The more a player travels with their horse, the more their Horse Riding skills get better. Taming skill is different though. Tame as many wild horses as you can to increase your skill and befriend better, faster-moving creatures in other regions.

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